The Moonsteel Crown by Stephen Deas – Cover Reveal & Excerpt

The Moonsteel Crown

Cover Reveal & Excerpt

Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #6: The First Five Fall

Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #6

The First Five Fall

The Museum of Magical Miniatures: Gallery One

The Museum of Magical Miniatures

Gallery One


Big Fantasy Book Releases for 2011

The year of 2011 is going to be a huge one for the fantasy genre! Of course, we have releases from favourites such as Erikson, Lynch (maybe), Abercrombie, Hobbs, Goodkind, and many more. But perhaps just as importantly, with a number of hugely popular authors putting off their next release to 2012, and others due to finish their series or even career in 2012, there is a good chance for a number of début authors to find their place in the genre as replacements for those that will be lost/are taking a break.

The following is a list of releases, rumoured releases and expected releases put together by one of our forum members, Sharpie. If you haven’t checked the forum out yet please do, because in addition to our enjoyable chat and banter, a user putting together a useful resource like this is a daily occurrence! Join us here!

Without further build up, these are the biggest releases of 2011! Please feel free to add any we missed to the comment section and we will add them on!


The Crippled God by Steven Erikson (Malazan Book of the Fallen #10)
The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie
The Hammer by K. J. Parker
The Fallen Blade by Jon Courtenay Grimwood (Assassini Trilogy #1)
Home Fires by Gene Wolfe
Brayan’s Gold by Peter V. Brett


Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks (Culture #8)
Deep State by Walter Jon Williams (Dagmar Shaw #2)
The Deserter by Peadar Ó Guilín (The Bone World Trilogy #2)
The Omen Machine by Terry Goodkind (Sword of Truth #12)


The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss (Kingkiller Chronicle #2)
The Neon Court by Kate Griffin (Matthew Swift #3)
The Enterprise of Death by Jesse Bullington
Sleight of Hand by Peter Beagle
Best American Fantasy 4 edited by Larry Nolen
Secret Journeys of Jack London by Tim Lebbon and Christopher Golden (with Greg Ruth) (Book #1)
Son of Heaven by David Wingrove (Chung Kuo #1)
River Marked by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson #6)
Twilight’s Dawn by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels)


The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch (Gentleman Bastard #3)
Blue Remembered Earth by Alastair Reynolds (Poseidon’s Children #1)
A Kingdom Besieged by Raymond E. Feist (Chaoswar Saga #1)
Triumff: A Double Falsehood by Dan Abnett (Triumff #2)
The Sea Watch by Adrian Tchaikovsky (Shadows of the Apt #6)
Beggars Banquet by Adam Roberts


The Inheritance by Robin Hobb
The Cold Commands by Richard Morgan (A Land Fit for Heroes #2)
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sausages by Tom Holt
The White-Luck Warrior by R. Scott Bakker (The Aspect-Emperor #2)
Legacy of Kings by C. S. Friedman (Magister Trilogy #3)
Sea of Ghosts by Alan Campbell (Gravedigger Chronicles #1)
Titus Awakes by Mervyn Peake and Maeve Gilmore (Gormenghast #4)
Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick (Tales of the Kin #1)


Embassytown by China Mieville
Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski (English translation) (Witcher Quintet #2)
The Order of Scales by Stephen Deas (Memory of Flames #3)
Fenrir by M.D. Lachlan (Wolfsangel #2)
Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey (pseudonym for Daniel Abraham) (The Expanse #1)
Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi
The Rogue by Trudi Canavan (The Traitor Spy Trilogy #2)


Manhattan in Reverse by Peter F. Hamilton
Bronze Summer by Stephen Baxter (Northland #2)
The Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding (Tales of the Ketty Jay #3)
His Father’s Fist by Matt Stover (Acts of Caine #4)
Requiem by Ken Scholes (Psalms of Isaak #4)
The Departure by Neal Asher (Owner Trilogy #1)
The Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan (Strain Trilogy #3)
Black Halo by Sam Sykes (Aeon’s Gate #2)


Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper (Wild Hunt Trilogy #1)
The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham (The Dagger and the Coin #1)
The Book of Transformations by Mark Charan Newton (Legends of the Red Sun #3)
Fort Freak edited by George R. R. Martin (Wild Cards #21)
The Diviner by Melanie Rawn (The Golden Key #2)


The Kings of Morning by Paul Kearney (The Macht #3)
Spellbound by Blake Charlton (Spellwright #2)
Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong (Otherworld #12)


The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks (Legends of Shannara #2)
Pearlant by M. John Harrison (Light Series #3)
Hyddenworld: Summer by William Horwood (Hyddenworld series #2)


The Magician King by Lev Grossman (Magicians #2)


Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore (The Seven Kingdoms #3)


The Islanders by Christopher Priest


Black Opera by Mary Gentle


Tor Books are publishing the first Wild Cards reprint in November 2010, so I’m assuming the reprint of at least Aces High, if not Jokers Wild as well, will follow in 2011.

Several more Chung Kuo books are due in 2011 as well, if the first books comes out on schedule in Spring 2011. There are 20 books in this series and will be published between 2011 and 2015 in an ambitious schedule by Corvus Atlantic.

Adam Roberts apparently has a YA novel as his next book in 2011, which is interesting news.

Book 2 of the Shadow Saga by Jon Sprunk and Book 2 of The Heart of the World by Col Buchanan will be 2011 releases, I imagine.

Terry Pratchett’s next adult Discworld novel will be released in 2011 and will be a new Vimes/City Watch novel, entitled Snuff. It was expected to be the concluding volume in the Lipwig trilogy, Raising Taxes, but that appears to have been moved back.

Neal Stephenson’s REAMDE (not a typo) may be a 2011 release.

Beyond 2011

Brandon Sanderson reports that A Memory of Light, the final Wheel of Time novel, is not now expected to hit the shelves until March 2012.

Kim Stanley Robinson has returned to writing a more overt SF project, a space-set project exploring the wider colonisation of the Solar system. It is not clear if this is expected in late 2011 or maybe in 2012.

Title image by Ed Beard Jr.



  1. Avatar Rhevian says:

    Mary Gentle’s “Black Opera” is due in November

  2. Avatar missoularedhead says:

    Another in October is The Cold Commands (book 2 of the A Land for Heroes) by Richard K. Morgan (gotta love the tag line for this book: Fantasy….harder, faster, bloodier).

  3. Avatar Andrew Farrell says:

    The second in William Horwood’s Hyddenworld series, Hyddenworld: Summer, should be coming out in August (at least in the UK, not sure about elsewhere)

  4. Avatar Sisterite says:

    Not sure if you’re counting urban fantasy…

    “Spellbound” by Kelley Armstrong is a July release.
    “River Marked” by Patricia Briggs is a March release.
    “Twilight’s Dawn” by Anne Bishop is a March release.
    “Brayan’s Gold” by Peter V. Brett is due out this month.

    😀 Did I help? 😀

  5. Avatar Goose says:

    Do I dare mention Paul Hoffmann?

  6. Avatar Lisa Parkin says:

    Gah! I didn’t realize Bitterblue was coming out in September! Thanks for the info! I CANNOT wait for The Wise Man’s Fear and River Marked. This year is gonna be big…

    Also- great site! 🙂


  7. Avatar Sisterite says:

    So, I heard that “The Omen Machine” got pushed back to July. Just a heads up, for your list. 🙂

  8. Marc, I’m crushed. And after the nice things you said about me on Facebook, too ;o)

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