Nether Light by Shaun Paul Stevens – SPFBO #6 Finals Review

Nether Light

SPFBO #6 Finals Review

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Last Memoria

SPFBO #6 Finals Review


The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch – EXCLUSIVE BOOK TRAILER

The Republic of Thieves (cover)You know, The Republic of Thieves was on Fantasy-Faction’s Most Anticipated Book of the Year list for 2011, 2012, and 2013. If we had a Most Anticipated Book of the Decade award, it certainly would’ve been up there with the likes of Patrick Rothfuss, George R.R. Martin and the final Wheel of Time book.

But, to quote another Fantasy-Faction contributor, “it’s finally here. You’ve finished your re-read of The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies. You’ve laughed and cried along with Locke and Jean. You’ve learned from the Thief Maker and Father Chains. You’ve mourned anew for Calo and Galdo and Bug. [And,] with the third book in the Gentlemen Bastard series we are reunited with all of the [aforementioned], and make one or two new friends as well…”

As if you’re not excited enough already to get your hands on Scott Lynch’s latest book (released 10th October 2013), Gollancz has seen fit to put together another one of their awesome abstract trailers. This one gives us some awesome clues about what to expect in the third book… I for one am excited about the ‘starring Sabetha’ revelation! Anyway, I’m sure you want to see for yourselves, so here it is.

Oh, actually, one more thing! Please take a second to tweet it (or just hit the twitter share button below) so we can get this thing going viral! 🙂

Anddddd, if that’s not enough to quash your desperation to get your hands on The Republic of Thieves until later this week, here are some more Scott Lynch related posts all written for you by Fantasy-Faction!

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Locke and Me – Scott Lynch, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
A recorded reading by Scott Lynch – Mr. Lynch reading a chapter one from “The Mad Baron’s Mechanical Attic,” a prequel of sorts to The Lies of Locke Lamora.
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Ah, and here’s the blurb too:

“Having pulled off the greatest heist of their career, Locke and his trusted partner in thievery, Jean, have escaped with a tidy fortune. But Locke’s body is paying the price. Poisoned by an enemy from his past, he is slowly dying. And no physiker or alchemist can help him. Yet just as the end is near, a mysterious Bondsmagi offers Locke an opportunity that will either save him – or finish him off once and for all.

Magi political elections are imminent, and the factions are in need of a pawn. If Locke agrees to play the role, sorcery will be used to purge the venom from his body – though the process will be so excruciating he may well wish for death. Locke is opposed, but two factors cause his will to crumble: Jean’s imploring – and the Bondsmagi’s mention of a woman from Locke’s past . . . Sabetha. The love of his life. His equal in skill and wit. And now his greatest rival.

Locke was smitten with Sabetha from his first glimpse of her as a young fellow-orphan and thief-in-training. But after a tumultuous courtship, Sabetha broke away. Now they will reunite in yet another clash of wills. For faced with his one and only match in both love and trickery, Locke must choose whether to fight Sabetha – or to woo her. It is a decision on which both their lives may depend.”



  1. Avatar Anne Lyle says:

    So excited – can’t wait for it to arrive on my Kobo on Thursday!

  2. Avatar ali says:


  3. Avatar Skiles says:

    Planning another Read Along???? 🙂

  4. Avatar Mike says:

    Already finished the book yesterday after getting it over the weekend from where I am…Damn, I can’t wait for the next installment in this series @.@

  5. Avatar Elfy says:

    Yes, I read this in two days and have just started the first of what I am sure will be many rereads. It takes on a whole new feel when you’ve read it.

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