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Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #6

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Vs. Reality by Blake Northcott

Vs. Reality by Blake Northcott
Book Name: Vs. Reality
Author: Blake Northcott
Publisher(s): Amazon Digital Services
Formatt: eBook
Genre(s): Science Fiction / Action Adventure
Release Date: 2011

This reviewer comes to you completely shocked. Less than 30 hours after uploading Ms. Northcott’s Vs. Reality to my Kindle, I have completely devoured it. Devoured it, I tell you, and found myself wanting more. One could possibly even say that I may be addicted to it.

Vs. Reality reads like a really hardcore action film. There are guns, fistfights, cuss words, drugs, and alcohol. Some people would say, “This isn’t a good thing! Why would I want to read this?” And I’ll tell you why: Because this book is phenomenal, and has an incredibly unique premise.

The book focuses on Cole and Dia, two people who meet one night at an upscale bar in New York City. Cole is a mixed martial artist who is going into a forced short-term retirement; Dia appears to be nothing more than a party girl with lots of money at her disposal… That is, until Cole gets wrapped up in her world.

Inspired by comic books, Ms. Northcott set out to write a book based around the concept of the spontaneous manifestation of superpowers. The catch? After your first manifest, you wouldn’t be able to use your powers again without some kind of push, or trigger. For some, it’s anger. Others, physical pain. For a lot of the people who have manifested, it is an illicit drug called Muse.

Muse, like many drugs, has side effects. The main one being that it forces the manifestation of the character’s superpowers… And these superpowers are addictive. We know, in the real world, that there are many drugs out there that are addictive and will slowly kill their users. Ms. Northcott has manipulated this premise and twisted it into “there are many superpowers out there that are addictive and will slowly kill their users.” But even if you knew it was killing you, would you be able to stop?

Would you want to?

Vs. Reality is available through and their Kindle store, as well as through Smashwords for many other eReader devices!



  1. Avatar Khaldun says:

    Cool premise, definitely intrigued and the glowing review doesn’t hurt!

  2. […] this year, I reviewed Ms. Northcott’s first book, Vs. Reality. As with the first book, Relapse reads like an action film script and had me hooked right from the […]

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