Nether Light by Shaun Paul Stevens – SPFBO #6 Finals Review

Nether Light

SPFBO #6 Finals Review

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SPFBO #6 Finals Review


Anthony Ryan Audio Interview

Anthony Anthony RyanRyan is the author of the Raven’s Shadow Trilogy and Slab City Blues series. His debut, Blood Song, was one of the most successful self-published fantasy novels and caught the attention of Penguin, who acquired the rights in 2012.

This interview is spoiler-free and runs 28 minutes, covering, among other things, Anthony Ryan’s lifelong interest in history and experience transitioning from self-publishing to working with Penguin.

For those unfamiliar with Blood Song, here is an excerpt from ÆMarling’s 9/10 star review:

A father abandons his son at an orphanage for killers. To avoid beatings from the master’s generous cane, young Vaelin must learn to fight. His wish for survival must burn hot enough to keep him alive through ice storms and other tests of endurance. One orphan says, “I’m not sure I can swim that far.” The master replies, “Then try to drown quietly.”

Vaelin must have the strength to continue even as the other boys die, as his friends die. To fail at the trial of the sword means death, and to make certain Vaelin doesn’t have it too easy, assassins also hunt him. Only one thing can keep him alive. The Blood Song.

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  1. Avatar blodeuedd says:

    I am just dying to read this book! But must wait for the paperback :/

  2. Avatar MELINDA says:

    Mr. Ryan, what a fabulous interview. I too am a student of history and agree with your comments wholeheartedly. I am eagerly awaiting Tower Lord. Few books are as good as Blood Song and I fully expect that the next book will be just as luxurious in its storytelling.

  3. Avatar Jonny_Anonymous says:

    This is a cool interview It was really nice to hear about his interest in history also Blood Song is at the top of my To Read list.

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