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First, Become Ashes by K.M. Szpara

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Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull

Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull
Book Name: Dragonwatch
Author: Brandon Mull
Publisher(s): Shadow Mountain
Formatt: Hardcover / Audiobook / Ebook
Genre(s): Middle Grade Fantasy
Release Date: March 14, 2017 (US) March 7, 2017 (UK)

If you have not read the Fablehaven series that preceded this book, you are missing out. I will even come right out and say that I think it is better than the Harry Potter series.


But there it is. I am shocked that this has not been picked up and adapted for the big screen yet. It is full of magic, mythical creatures big and small, humor, and non-stop adventure. Wonderfully well-written, this series is one that I recommend to readers young and old.

Dragonwatch was a surprise to me. I thought the series had concluded with its fifth book back in 2010. It had a satisfying finish, as loath as I was to leave the world of Fablehaven. As with longer series, you wonder how subsequent installments can keep up the pace and interest. I actually hesitated picking this one up. Would it try to milk the series dry and thus end up leaving a bad taste to an otherwise exceptional work? In the end, I had to find out. This was another chance to return to Fablehaven after all.

The beginning was rather humdrum and I struggled to get into it. But I remembered how I could not put down all of its previous books, so I kept going.

I have no regrets.

Once the mayhem actually started, there was no stopping. Even during moments when the characters slowed down to take a breath, the dialogue itself was quite entertaining. As I was given an advanced reader’s copy of the book, I can’t quote any of the awesome lines, but believe me, they are awesome. When you get to read your own copy, it will be worth the wait!

So, back to the new storyline that inspired this sequel. Up to this point, Kendra and Seth have rescued magical artifacts, prevented the opening of a great demon prison, and even acquired magical talents for themselves. All at the ripe old ages of 15 and 13, respectively. Dragonwatch has them facing down a Dragon King intent on allowing dragons to roam freely in the world again. What’s wrong with that, you ask? The last time that happened, death and destruction, that’s what’s wrong. You see, dragons in the world of Fablehaven are not nice and tame. So to prevent that from happening again, Kendra and Seth are asked to take over as joint caretakers (because of their ability to function together as dragon tamers) of Wyrmroost, the last dragon sanctuary standing. The ensuing plot twists and turns are marvelous and often hilarious.

As far as 13-year-old boys go, Seth is fairly spot-on. So many times I have wanted to shake that boy and tell him he is not thinking straight. But then I remember he is a 13-yr-old boy, plus he is in Fablehaven, and then I hold my breath to see what happens instead.

Kendra is surely the more level-headed one and is involved with a unicorn who also happens to be the son of the Fairy Queen. But it’s all good! There is also a delightful cast of secondary characters, such as the Tiny Hero who was sent to aid Seth, and Newel and Doren, a pair of tv-obsessed satyrs.

Dragonwatch is just pure FUN. Unexpectedly (to me, at least), it is also the start of another series, so expect somewhat of a cliffhanger at the end. Regardless, it is another great volume to add to my collection. Go get yours on March 14th!


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