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Wolfhound Century TV Series?

WolfhoundOK, so this week’s news is not likely to cause the kind of mass-excitement that the recent announcement of a Kingkiller Chronicles Movie/TV/Video Game production did, but we think that the signing of Peter Higgins’s Wolfhound Century by a television studio is at very least something to keep an eye on.

Interestingly, the production company that has signed the series is a British one that tended to focus on relatively low budget TV shows and short films. Much of their content had been satirical, or looked to make an impact by exploring the darker side of the human condition before they began picking up numerous indie awards and moved on to higher end crime-dramas (such as the upcoming The Last Panthers).

With that in mind, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this series is being marketed as ‘a thriller’ and ‘set in a totalitarian state, where a lone secret policeman and young orphaned woman fight with ancient demons and fallen archangels over the future of humanity’. The message here is that although this is a ‘fantasy’ we shouldn’t be expecting anything like A Game of Thrones. Rather, I’d be expecting something like Gotham or the Dresden Files television shows but set in the past – that kind of noir feeling to it with a focus on the characters as opposed to the world building… but I guess we’ll see!

Note: Lots of shows get signed and optioned, but not all of them get made. Don’t get to excited………. yet.

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