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Fierce Fantasy Night – Writing Panel Recap

Fierce Fantasy Night

Writing Panel Recap

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‘George R.R. Martin & Robin Hobb In Discussion’ Full Event Video

A week or so ago I posted a report of the ‘George R.R. Martin and Robin Hobb In Discussion’ event held in London on August 19th 2014 and organised by Harper Voyager.

There was a live stream on the night and Blinkbox have been hosting clips of the event over the course of the last few weeks, but not until today has the whole event – from start to finish – been made available. So, for those who want to see it – which I imagine is around 99% of Fantasy-Faction’s readership – here is George, Robin and their host Jane in discussion:

METhanks to Blinkbox for capturing this wonderful evening and (hopefully) making it accessible as a resource forevermore.

Oh, and as a final bonus, if you look very closely you will even get to see me in the front row on the left hand side 😀 OK, so not much of a bonus…


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  1. Avatar Kingaskean says:

    What a lovely event. Nothing more than the best. Hopeful guys like myself can take so much out of that.

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