Huge News: Fantasy-Faction has been lucky enough to secure yet another Myke Cole cover reveal! I have to say that as impressed as I was with the covers that gift-wrapped the first and second of Myke’s books, I feel that this is the best one yet… by far!

Before I show it to you though, I’d just like to say that this cover provides further proof of what many of us already know: that there’s no one better than Myke’s cover artist, Larry Rostant, at being able to capture a book’s mood and translate it into an incredible piece of art that gives an honest promise of what the reader is in-store for. The fantasy genre is notorious for providing covers that don’t quite represent what’s within the pages or using generic covers that just don’t quite have the ‘edge’ that would convince you to pick it up. Well, if Larry has anything to do with a cover design you know it has both those things in abundance and I think real credit is due to him for that – it’s an incredible skill being able to represent hundreds of thousands of words into a single image. Nailing it every single time is all the more impressive.

So, without further ado, here’s the cover for the third book in Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops series, Breach Zone:

Breach Zone (cover)

“This is the 3rd time that Larry Rostant has reached into my brain and brought someone I invented to life. I am looking at a PHOTOGRAPH of a person I dreamed up. I can’t begin to describe how incredible that feels.

Hello, Scylla. It’s nice to finally meet you.” – Myke Cole

Fricken incredible, right? I think Larry has managed to capitalise on the current, very popular, super hero and video game hero posters that we see everywhere and yet add a real edge to it with the beautiful, striking contrasting colours. Certainly, this is a book that will stand out on a shelf and for an author: what more can you ask for?

As for the book itself, well I think it’s going to be Myke’s most ambitious yet. Myke’s first book starts out very centered around a single character and events within a relatively isolated area. Book 2 expanded Myke’s World, although much of the danger and the magical elements of the book were on the other plane and so Earth seemed relatively safe. This third book though brings the action and danger back to areas we are far more familiar with. Here’s the official word on what to expect:

The Great Reawakening did not come quietly. Across the country and in every nation, people began “coming up Latent,” developing terrifying powers—summoning storms, raising the dead, and setting everything they touch ablaze. Those who Manifest must choose: become a sheepdog who protects the flock or a wolf who devours it…

In the wake of a bloody battle at Forward Operating Base Frontier and a scandalous presidential impeachment, Lieutenant Colonel Jan Thorsson, call sign “Harlequin,” becomes a national hero and a pariah to the military that is the only family he’s ever known.

In the fight for Latent equality, Oscar Britton is positioned to lead a rebellion in exile, but a powerful rival beats him to the punch: Scylla, a walking weapon who will stop at nothing to end the human-sanctioned apartheid against her kind.

When Scylla’s inhuman forces invade New York City, the Supernatural Operations Corps are the only soldiers equipped to prevent a massacre. In order to redeem himself with the military, Harlequin will be forced to face off with this havoc-wreaking woman from his past, warped by her power into something evil…

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Myke Cole, John Wordsworth and Headline for allowing us to host this reveal. Its worth saying that not only is Myke Cole a heck of a write and John Wordsworth a damned fine editor, but both guys are huge ambassadors for our genre and worth following on Twitter (@MykeCole & @TheWorrierPoet). Larry doesn’t use Twitter I’m afraid, but you can check out all the books he has worked on by visiting his site – I bet you will be amazed at just how many of your favourites he is behind.


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6 thoughts on “Breach Zone by Myke Cole – UK Cover Reveal”
  1. Very pretty – and nice to see another cover with a female character in a realistic pose and mostly fully-clad (though the bare underarm manages to be sexy without being cheesy!). Larry’s a star – not that I’m at all biased… 🙂

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