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Confirmation The Thorn Of Emberlain is delayed

The Thorn of Emberlain (cover)Over the past few weeks, we’d been hearing a few whispers from our friends in publishing that Scott Lynch’s The Thorn Of Emberlain probably wouldn’t make the September 2016 release date. A few members of our Facebook Group picked up on these rumours too and expressed their disappointment, but understanding towards Scott’s real life issues. Phil, for example, wrote on the group page: “I’ll wait, he’s never failed to deliver a good book yet.” And I think the majority of us shared the ‘DAMMIT! But real life comes first’ and ‘we get it’ reaction.

Well, the rumours were confirmed last night from the man himself. Scott Lynch wrote on the Gollancz blog that: “despite all our hopes and the heroic patience of my publishers, we’re not going to make the expected September release date.”

Fans of Scott will know of his ongoing battle with depression and Scott admits that in addition to this, he ended up “severely complicat[ing]” his life this year by moving house. He explains: “The process of seeking a mortgage, securing a house, and moving across half a continent (although it was necessary, and has been mostly joyful) has eaten months of my time and made it very difficult to recover lost ground on several projects. Oh– Elizabeth Bear and I are getting married, too. Another real joy, but it’s eating spare time like you wouldn’t believe.”

Because there is no date set for the book’s release, expect book stores and sites to be putting up random guesstimates over the next few days. Pay them no notice… Scott and his publishers will update us as soon as soon as they have a new date.



  1. I’m glad to be part of such an empathetic community who understand that real life takes precedence over anything book-related. <3

  2. Avatar Anna says:

    He’s getting married, to another phenomenal author! That takes way more precedence than a book! While I’m excited for Thorn, that’s even more exciting! Congrats to them both.

  3. Avatar Chris says:

    *Insert obligatory Patrick Rothfuss joke here*

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