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Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews

Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews
Book Name: Burn For Me
Author: Ilona Andrews
Publisher(s): Avon (US)
Formatt: Paperback / Audiobook / Ebook
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy
Release Date: October 28, 2014 (US) November 6, 2014 (UK)


Please ignore the cover – and the publisher marketing, for that matter. And no, you did not go to the wrong website. This is still Fantasy-Faction. 😉

Burn For Me is a work by Ilona Andrews, master weavers in urban fantasy. It is no secret that I fangirl over their Kate Daniels series. So, of course, when I see they have started a new series, I had to check it out. But wait. It’s a what? A paranormal romance published by Avon? Get. Out.

What to do, what to do…

I have nothing against a good romantic subplot. It typically endears me that much more to the story overall. But as a front-and-center in the plot…I needed to think about it. However, my undying devotion to the authors won out, and I gave it a shot, hoping to God it would not diminish my opinion of them in the end.

It didn’t.

I LOVED it. I started to read slower about three-quarters of the way through, just so I wouldn’t reach the end so soon. It was that good.

One of the many things I love about Ilona Andrews’ writing is the exceptionally researched details. I am a stickler for details, and I will look things up. A lot. The magic system in this story is based on the discovery of a serum a few hundred years back that revealed the varying magical abilities embedded in humans. Eventually the serum was destroyed after its dangerous effects were realized, but the damage was done, and the abilities were genetically passed down. Now, strong magical families (Houses) guard their lineage fiercely to maintain and improve their status. By selectively choosing who they marry, they can bring out and strengthen certain affinities. (The medical science background part of me was ooh-ing and rubbing her hands together.)

Twenty-five-year-old Nevada Baylor runs the family business, Baylor Investigative Agency, consisting of her mother, grandmother, two sisters, and two cousins. The company was mortgaged to a larger company, Montgomery International Investigations (MII) to pay for her late father’s medical expenses. MII receives a request by a prominent House to find and return their wayward son, Adam Pierce of the distinguished House Pierce. Unable to refuse but unwilling to offer up the manpower and expense to carry out the order, Nevada is the looks-good-on-paper sacrifice from MII. If she refuses, fails, or dies, her business is forfeit. No pressure.

Enter Connor “Mad” Rogan, who is apparently extremely hot (appearance-wise and magical ability-wise). Being a pyrokinetic, his ability puts him in the Prime category and has acquired him nicknames that include the Scourge of Mexico, Huracan, and the Butcher. He is also looking for said wayward son (who also happens to be a Prime), although for different reasons. Despite being the heir of powerful House Rogan, his vast resources have failed to turn up Adam Pierce, and Rogan decides that Nevada is his best chance at finding him. After an unfortunate kidnapping of Nevada by Rogan in order to get information on Adam, followed by other near-death incidences, they decide that joining forces is their best hope for success. Desperate times and what not.

What really made this book stand out for me were the relationships, in Nevada’s family in particular. Quirky, tough, and rebellious mixes with sensible, protective, and adolescent angst, making for thoroughly enjoyable comic relief.

Grandma looked at my mom. “Did she just hang up on Mad Rogan?”

“Yes, she did. Did you know that Adam Pierce showed up at our house last night?”

Grandma’s eyes went wide. “He was here?”

“She met him outside.”

Grandma swung toward me. “Did you take any pictures?”

“Pictures or it didn’t happen!” Grandma declared.

I scrolled through my phone and pulled up the shot of Adam Pierce in a Mercer T-shirt. “There you go.”

Grandma grabbed the phone. It beeped. She answered it. “She’ll have to call you back. Nevada, can I email Adam’s picture to myself?”

She hung up and clicked the phone, typing with her index fingers. “Arabella is going to flip.”

Sadly enough, I was not sold on the romance between Nevada and Rogan. There was the undeniable, unexplainable attraction at first sight with constantly repressed physical longing on Nevada’s end (we don’t have Rogan’s perspective). There were several heart-to-heart moments that perhaps helped build the relationship, but this love is going to be a tough sell for me. Ironic, since it is marketed as an Avon Romance.

The surprise twist at the end is also a bit of a stretch. Hopefully that will be more fully developed in later books. Overall, a fun and funny read. Excuse me while I go read it again.


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  1. Avatar Jesslyn says:

    I too was persuaded only on the strength of the writers. I try to avoid most paranorms. And like you, I loved it. As far as the relationship, I have the feeling that the bit of awkwardness will be straightened out as we go on. The Kate Daniels series shows that they don’t do the insta-love thing so I think it will be a couple of books in before the paranorm turns into the romance.

    But that cover! Ish! Thank god I got the ebook/audiobook versions!

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