Fantasy-Faction’s “Grim Gathering” in London, August 13th 2014 @ 6:30pm

FF-Night1A few years ago Fantasy-Faction held an event in London. Peter V. Brett and Myke Cole were coming over from America and Joe Abercrombie was in town too, so we all thought ‘why not?’. Around 100 people turned up to the relatively small bookshop in the centre of London where we held a 45 minute panel, then a 45 minute book signing and a 3/4/5/6 hour after party (it depends how much you drank, whether you came for food and so on – I remember getting back to the hotel room at about 3am!).

The goal was NOT to do just a book signing. We didn’t want it to be another event where you turn up, stand in a queue and have your favourite author quickly sign a book for you. Fans are obviously grateful for this, but they (and the authors doing the signing) always wish they could have a bit more time to talk. Our concept was: lets get some of Fantasy-Faction’s author friends in a room, lets hold a panel where the Fantasy-Faction team and the audience can ask them questions, then get our books signed and then all hang out together and celebrate the fantasy genre that we all share a love of. The end result should be that the readers leave ‘knowing’ the authors.

FF-Night4Well, the concept was so successful that we’ve been contacted by authors, publicists, bookshops and readers numerous times over the years to do another one. However, I have such fond memories of the first that doing anything but ‘pretty much the same thing’ hasn’t really appealed to me. Then… just last month we found out Myke Cole, Peter V. Brett and Joe Abercrombie were all due to be in town at the same time again. Not only that, Mark Lawrence, who was due to be at the last event, but sadly couldn’t make it, was potentially free to.

The short version of what happened next is OUR SECOND EVENT IS SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST:


Most of the details you need are there, right above, but to break down approximately how things will work out:

6:30pm until 7:00pm will be a panel discussion with the writers on the fantasy genre.
7:00pm until 7:15pm will be questions from the audience.
7:15pm until 8:00pm will be a signing with all four authors.
8:00pm until late will be an after party at a local inn. Come drink and chat with the authors and other fantasy fans.

Now, I am very aware that there are a number of conventions around the same kind of time as this event. However, I’d like to promise you guys that should you be able to make it: this will be the highlight of the convention season. Fantasy-Faction has gained all the success it has because of the close relationship we have with both readers and writers. When you put all the wonderful people who frequent our site, interact with us through social media and write the books we love in a room together, it makes for a very special evening.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to spending some down time with other fantasy fans and authors before the crazy, hectic WorldCon begins. If anyone has any questions then please e-mail and if you can make it then PLEASE register on our Facebook events page. If the event gets too full, as long as your name is up on there we will make sure there is a space for you to squeeze in. Also, we can keep you updated with any changes (due to ‘life’ some authors may struggle to make it, another author may get involved or something else crazy/exciting might happen and you won’t want to miss that, right?).

There is NO CHARGE for this event, it is FREE. However, we do ask that you browse Kensington Waterstones’s stock and try to make a purchase to support the bookshop if you can. If you don’t have one of the authors books, but wish to get it signed then why not hold on and buy it on the evening of the event to support the book shop putting on this event for you, right? Additionally: I advise, if you can, to arrive at about 6:00pm so you can buy some books (the queues grew quickly after the panel last time!) and get a good seat.

Grim-GatheringRight, I think you have more than enough details now and I know I’ve rambled on a bit; but I hope I’ve conveyed my excitement and belief in this event to the extent I’ve encouraged you to come and enjoy it with us. Hopefully see you there!


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