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Cover Reveal For ‘Among The Fallen’

If you like religion, questing, powerful magic and dragons in your fantasy, then you really should have checked out the Godserfs series by now.

The series is by N S Dolkart and the first book featured five refugees and a sinister wizard who awaken a dragon and defy the gods. Yep, not the kind of thing you’d want to do in a fantasy setting, right? Well, these guys were fuelled by the need for answers as to why their homeland was struck by a deadly plague. It’s a book that gets deep with its exploration of knowledge, religion, sexism and racism, whilst never allowing these topics to hinder the pace and readability.

In the sequel, Among the Fallen, The Gods are Drawing Battle Lines… But before we hear more about that. Let us reveal to you the cover, shall we:

Credit: Cover art by Andreas Rocha

It’s undeniably eery, beautiful and thought provoking. You’ve got the tree that has long outlived the slaughtered humans that surround it and the lone woman, seemingly unharmed, over looking it. Who is this woman and what is the tree’s significance? Why has she survived when so many have fallen? Those who have read the first book will likely have an idea….

Back to our synopsis, so, The Gods Are Drawing Battle Lines……

In the wake of the battle of Silent Hall, the city of Ardis is reeling, its leaders frightened and disorganized. The remaining oracle of the god Ravennis has resurfaced there and is spreading a new gospel – one in which Ravennis is the new Lord of the Underworld. Narky is swept up in the promotion of his religion, even while the prevailing church of Magor tries to put down its upstart rivals.

In the meantime, Criton and Bandu discover a community of Dragon Touched that has survived in hiding, and with Criton’s leadership, they begin a campaign to retake their former territories with the power of God Most High at their backs.

Left to their own devices, Phaedra and Hunter go on a quest to rediscover the secrets of academic wizardry. But they soon discover that all five islanders are needed to prevent a true worldwide catastrophe. If only Criton and Narky weren’t already on opposing sides of a regional war…

Exciting right? A little about the author before we leave you, his name is N S Dolkart, otherwise known as Noah. He was home-schooled until high school by his Israeli father and American mother, and is a graduate of the notorious Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. He studied creative writing and Jewish studies there.

By day, he leads activities in a non-profit nursing home, where he also trains fellow staff in caring for dementia patients. He writes his tales of magic and Godhood late at night, and doesn’t sleep much.

You can find Noah online at his website:, and on Twitter @N_S_Dolkart.

The book is release 4 April US/Can and 6 April UK/Commonwealth.

Check back Friday for a Guest Post by the author!

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  1. Geoff says:

    Love the cover. I’m gonna check out book 1.

  2. […] the beautiful cover of my second book, Among the Fallen? If you haven’t, head on over to Fantasy Faction and check it out! I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it – it’s everything […]

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