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The Warded Man to become a movie?

Well, we all know books being ‘optioned’ doesn’t mean they are actually going to become movies anytime soon, but every time it happens we get a little bit excited. Last night, Peter V. Brett threw out the following Tweet:


Following the link, Variety report that Spike Seldin and Hans Futterman’s New Harlem Partnership banner has acquired movie rights to Peter V. Brett’s renowned fantasy, The Warded Man (USA) / The Painted Man (UK). I couldn’t find too much information about Seldin or Futterman optioning Fantasy/Sci-Fi novels as of late, so I’m guessing they are relatively new to the genre. Before anyone panics though, perhaps that is a good thing! Often, you get these movie companies optioning just about everything they can get their hands on and with so many ‘options’ in their catalogue it is little wonder that very little actually gets made. With a smaller catalogue, you’d expect more time and resources to be dedicated to what’s in it.

More-BrettShould it happen, the best thing about this news is that Peter V. Brett will be the one to adapt the Screen Play. Of course, should it go to Hollywood, the directors and producers will want to work with Pete to have it match their vision, but knowing Pete and how much he loves his world and everything within it I’m sure he will do an amazing job. Also, lets be honest, the first book – The Warded Man / The Painted Man – is hugely cinematic as it is. It’s not difficult to imagine an epic storyline with Arlen learning the way or wards whilst avoiding computer generated demons, is it?

Variety describe the novel as: taking place in a distant future where humanity hangs by a thread – having lost the night to terrifying demons who possess supernatural powers and burn with a consuming hatred of humanity, barely held at bay by the ancient and nearly forgotten art of magical wards painted on houses and posts. From the desert emerges a man, his body tattooed with the lost battle wards, to teach humanity to fight back from the verge of extinction.

“This is a big action franchise with a deeply complex and darkly compelling hero at the centre,” said Seldin, who also serves as president of Atlas Comics (take note, with Pete having worked on Comics too I’m sure there is some chemistry there).

Futterman said, “Peter has created a fresh and new look at humanity’s future, and has very quickly established himself as one of the hottest new talents in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.”

As for when it will happen? We’d not expect it in the next 5 years, honestly. New Harlem is said to be ‘engaging with financiers and distribution partners’, which means there is a long way to go yet. That said, we will be watching Peter V. Brett’s Twitter like hawks for the latest developments and wish him the very best of luck with this panning out. We’re hugely excited and can think of very few fantasy series we’d rather see get the movie treatment.

Well done, Pete!



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