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A Wind from the Wilderness

SPFBO #6 Finals Review

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Laura Lam’s DARK CIRCUS getting a Re-Release + New Covers!

A few years back, whilst morning the loss of Strange Chemistry, we wondered to ourselves what would become of Laura Lam’s Dark Circus series. Laura Lam was surely one of Strange Chemistry’s success stories, her series picked up 5* reviews left, right and centre and had the kind of truly loyal fan-base that every author desires. Naturally though, upon hearing that the publishing label would be folding, we at Fantasy-Faction were worried that it spelled the end to the unfinished series and this seemed even more likely when Laura Lam was snapped up by Tor Books for a novel called False Hearts, a near-future thriller.

It seems though that Tor were more than willing to support Laura in finishing the series she started with Strange Chemistry; just a few weeks after announcing the False Hearts deal, they also announced that they’s collected the rights for her Dark Circus novels. Most exciting of all, not only did they plan on re-releasing Pantomime and Shadowplay (by eBook on 3rd December this year and paperback Winter 2016), but they would also support Laura in finishing the series with the final book in the trilogy, Masquerade, being published by them in January 2017.

Today Tor released the covers of the upcoming re-releases and the final book in the series… check them out:


I really like these covers, because in addition to being eye-catching I think they communicate the contents really well.


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