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Game of Thrones + Zelda = ?

Zelda fans all over the world have reason to be annoyed: the Wii U game has been delayed and Netflix has cancelled the show set to be based on the world of Hyrule (the kingdom that serves as the iconic setting for most of the Zelda games).

However, Canadian effects genius Kial Natale has given us all something to smile about and think on: “Imagine if Zelda was merged with A Game of Thrones resulting in: A Game of Hyrule (or you know… something better), perhaps it would look a little something like this:

Fans will recognise music from A Link to the Past, Link’s house, Hyrule Castle, Kakariko Village and more. Enjoy!



  1. Avatar Luka-Michaela says:

    Stop killing my childhood! In all seriousness if the WiiU wants to stall let it, maybe the story and mechanics will be improved. Considering this is one of the only reasons I’m getting a WiiU I want it all to be perfect. But Zelda and GOTs? I think that it would be almost like DarkSouls, dark yet mystical.

  2. I’ve never really played the Zelda games, but that doesn’t make me love them any less. I was really excited about a Netflix series :-/

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