Jesse Teller Interview – Onslaught of Madness

Jesse Teller Interview

Onslaught of Madness

Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #5: Five More Fall

Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #5

Five More Fall

John Gwynne Interview – A Time of Blood

John Gwynne Interview

A Time of Blood


Fantasy-Faction Anthology & Facebook Group

Just a quick post for you today about a few projects we are tying up / beginning.

Fantasy-Faction Anthology on Amazon

Fantasy-Faction Anthology (cover)First, the Fantasy-Faction Anthology is available through Amazon… FINALLY. We’ve decided to keep the hardback copies exclusive to our site, and if you ordered one we’ve pretty much caught up with orders – the last few that feel through the gaps heading off this and next week. From now on then, the quickest (almost instant) way to get a Fantasy-Faction Anthology will be to head over to Amazon UK or US or whatever country you are residing in and type in ‘Fantasy-Faction Anthology’. We’ve set the special price of £4.99 / $7.77 to launch it to you guys. The Amazon version has a slightly different cover to the Website Edition we offered the people who supported us in the early days, that is the only difference.

Within you will find some truly brilliant new voices, previously unpublished, as well as genre giants such as Mark Lawrence, Richard Morgan, Jon Sprunk, Kameron Hurley, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Michael J. Sullivan, Richard Ford, Anne Lyle, Mark Charan Newton, Myke Cole and James Barclay.

Fantasy-Faction Facebook Group Launched

F-F-FBSecond, the Fantasy-Faction Facebook Group. Who doesn’t have Facebook, right? Well, for months people have been asking me to setup a Facebook Group and I’ve been reluctant… I spend so much time on Social Media that I hardly need something else to distract me from writing articles, reading, doing real life stuff, etc –  however, I finally decided to do it. There is nothing I like more than talking about Fantasy and linking up with other fantasy readers and this seems a great way to do just that. In less than 3 hours we had 150 members and now within 5 we are closing in on 200…

Over the coming months we will have some exclusive Facebook Group activities. These will include interactive author interviews, chances to submit questions for upcoming website interviews, chances to get your hands on F-F hoodies and t-shirts, group discussions on books, and much more!

Come join what we hope to make the largest Fantasy Book Discussion Group on Facebook!!!


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