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Chinese ‘Lord of the Rings’ Covers FTW!

They’ve only just come to the attention of the masses, but the following Lord of the Rings book covers were designed by artist Jian Guo almost a year ago now. Jian designed the covers for a competition run by Chinese Publishers, Wenjing Publishing.


Guo is well known online for his unique style of art that is inspired by fantasy franchises such as Harry Potter, World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings. Guo refers to his style as ‘glass painting style’, which is actually more evident in other examples of his work, this Hobbit piece for example:


Guo explains that until the 2002 Lord of the Rings movie he’d never come across Lord of the Rings. Now though he rereads it every couple of years. As for why Guo, an architect student, chooses the glass painting style? Well, you may well have guessed it, ‘it [is] endowed with a sense of religious magnificence’.

Make sure you stop by the artist’s Deviant Art page and give him a compliment or two!



  1. Avatar AJ Zaethe says:

    These are amazing. I wish they were here.

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  4. […] artist, an architectural student, describes his style as “glass painting style,” which he uses for its “sense of religious magnificence.” […]

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