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7th Annual Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off

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Solaris Signs New Author G R Matthews!

G. R. MatthewsYou heard that right! Our own G R Matthews is now a Solaris author! 😀 Matthews has been with Fantasy-Faction since 2014 and has been self-publishing fantasy and sci-fi since 2015. His first novel with Solaris will be, Seven Deaths of an Empire, to be released next summer! Here’s the summary:

The Emperor is dead. Long live the Empire.

General Bordan has a lifetime of duty and sacrifice behind him in the service of the Empire. But with rebellion brewing in the countryside, and assassins, thieves and politicians vying for power in the city, it’s all Bordan can do to protect the heir to the throne.

Apprentice Magician Kyron is assigned to the late Emperor’s honour guard escorting his body on the long road back to the capital. Mistrusted and feared by his own people, even a magician’s power may fail when enemies emerge from the forests, for whoever is in control of the Emperor’s body, controls the succession.

Seven lives and seven deaths to seal the fate of the Empire.

– – –

Giant congrats Geoff! We can’t wait to read it!

And if you are also on the edge of your seat watching the calendar for the upcoming release date, might I suggest checking out his other works by visiting his website. You can also follow him on Twitter @G_R_Matthews.



  1. Avatar Rostum says:

    Congratulations Geoff. I will look forward to getting my hands on a copy next year.

  2. Congratulations Geoff! Can’t wait to read 7 Deaths!

  3. Avatar Jane Routley says:

    Congratulations on becoming a fellow Solaris author

  4. Avatar ScarletBea says:

    Wahey, many congrats! 🙂

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