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SFF and Queerness – We Need To Do Better

SFF and Queerness – We Need To Do Better



We’re Back!

Fantasy-Faction (logo)Hello Factioners! If you’re a regular you may have noticed a lack of updates in the past couple weeks. Well I am happy to say we’re back!

Where were we?

Well the cool answer is we were fighting a hoard of evil script demons intent on garnering more clicks for their bitcoin mining empire! And after weeks of toiling over mystical codes we were able to defeat them in mortal combat! 😀

The boring answer is a bunch of plugins on the site were super out of date, and WordPress neglected to tell us the companies that made them would not being making any future patches. This led to one of them installing a script on every page of the site that would try to redirect people to their bitcoin mining page. It was not harmful to our site or any visitors, it was mostly an annoying popup like existed back in the olden times – before popup blockers were invented. But since our site was technically infected, all the various virus alert sites blacklisted us until we were able to remove the code. Which, after a week+ of manually deleting code, Marc was finally able to do!

Personally I like the first explanation better. But either way, we are back! The site has a clean bill of health and all is well with the world of Fantasy-Faction!

We have a literal ton of new content that I have been gnawing at the bit to post and I can’t wait to get back to sharing all the awesome with you!

Thanks to everyone who checked up on us while the site was down and everyone who offered their help. You guys are the best!

Happy Reading! 🙂


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