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Small Press, Big Stories: The Expo!

Forbidden Planet (logo)Today on Small Press, Big Stories – an announcement! On Saturday 24th February, the Forbidden Planet London Megastore will be hosting a small press expo! Authors and editors from four of the UK’s leading SFF small presses will be on hand in one of Forbidden Planet’s trademark “open-plan” events to chat, sign books, and answer questions – and to launch brand new titles too! We’ve covered Grimbold Books, Newcon Press, and Fox Spirit Books in previous columns, and we’ll be talking to Snowbooks in a future column too.

Launching at the event will be:

Multiverse by Jan Siegel (Fox Spirit Books)

Multiverse brings together the poetry of science fiction/fantasy writer Jan Siegel and five other contributors, including Pat Cadigan.

The poems cover love and death, feminism and eco-issues – legends and libraries, chemo and cake, pirates and paranoia and Paris. They aim to amuse and enchant you, but above all – like the magical forgotten story in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – they are there for the refreshment of the spirit.

Man O’War by Dan Jones (Snowbooks)

A science fiction thriller set in a near-future London and Port Harcourt, Nigeria, with the principal theme of robotics and transhumanism.

Gwithyas: Door to the Void by Isha Crowe (Grimbold Books)

Zircon Gwithyas just wants to be a normal teenager, preferably one with a girlfriend. If you’re a spotty nerd with glasses as thick as jam jars, that isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you live in a derelict manor on a haunted hill with a bunch of spooky eccentrics for a family, and the object of your affection is an irritable sword-wielding college student. It becomes virtually impossible when you are dragged into a dark, chaotic semi-reality where your moderately-deceased ancestors expect you to save the world from a horde of grotesque demons with a fondness for torture.

Small Press Expo (covers banner)

Authors appearing at the small press expo will be Dan Jones, Bryan Wigmore, Joanne Hall, Jonathan Green, Jan Seigel, Ian Whates, Isha Crowe, Steven Poore, Jessica Saunders, Donna Scott, and Jaine Fenn.

The event starts at 1 pm – come on down and join in the #smallpressbigstories fun!

You can read more about the event on Forbidden Planet’s page here.


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