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Myke Cole’s ‘Javelin Rain’ Cover Revealed

We’ve made no secret that we are big Myke Cole fans here at Fantasy-Faction and it is undeniable that with each book Myke’s work gets better and better. If you’ve not read Gemini Cell yet then you’re really missing out because it is one heck of a good book and shows how far Myke has come as an author in just a few short years of wearing the ‘professional’ label. here’s the cover followed by the burb:


Javelin: A code denoting the loss of a national security asset with strategic impact.

Rain: A code indicating a crisis of existential proportions.

Javelin Rain incidents must be resolved immediately, by any and all means necessary, no matter what the cost…

Being a US Navy SEAL was Jim Schweitzer’s life right up until the day he was killed. Now, his escape from the government who raised him from the dead has been coded “Javelin Rain.” Schweitzer and his family are on the run from his former unit, the Gemini Cell, and while he may be immortal, his wife and son are not. Jim must use all of his strength to keep his family safe, while convincing his wife he’s still the same man she once loved. Only what his former allies have planned to bring him down could mean disaster not only for Jim and his family, but for the entire nation…

Pretty damned cool, right? I’ve never seen a bad cover on a Myke Cole book and this one adds perfectly to the already awesome looking selection on my shelves. Oh, and did you notice that Fantasy-Faction cover quote? It is quite an honour for me to see that there. I’ve known Myke since just before his first novel was published. He is not only one of the nicest people I know, but one of the finest examples of a human being. He never has a bad word to say against anyone and he is a perfect example for any upcoming writer that hard work pays off. If you are a writer and find yourself lacking motivation then please visit Myke’s blog or search Youtube for his appearance on a panel. You’ll be writing again and full of hope / inspiration within the hour.

Myke told Barnes & Noble’s blog where he released the cover: “Javelin Rain continues the story of Jim Schweitzer, the Navy SEAL brought back from the dead to help his country fight a secret war against the growing tide of magic surging back into the world. I wanted to continue tugging on the PTSD allegory thread I started in Gemini Cell. Schweitzer is now over the shock of being returned to life, and is having to figure out what his place is in the world now that he’s irrevocably changed. This is the central issue almost all veterans deal with, and one I think isn’t explored nearly deeply enough in fantasy. Violence has a price, and we need to think more carefully about what it is, and who has to pay it.”


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