On Character Agency

On Character Agency


The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Hanrahan

The Gutter Prayer


NaNoWriMo 2019: My Personal Experience – Part Two: I WON!

NaNoWriMo 2019

Part Two: I WON!


The Art of Forgetting: Nomad – Cover Reveal

A lot of you from the United Kingdom will know of Joanne Hall – she is one of the main organisers of BristolCon and the Bristol Science Fiction & Fantasy Society, so plays quite an important role in promoting the genre down the Southern end of the country. Well, in addition to being an avid reader and promoter of the genre, Jo actually writes herself and is very soon due to release her latest book: The Art of Forgetting: Nomad.

Here is the cover (which we are excited to reveal!) and the blurb:


In a single moment of defiance, driven by a rash act of compassion for a stranger, Rhodri turns his back on his unit, his country and his comrades in arms. Taken in by the Plains Hawk tribe, he finds compassion, love, and a new purpose for his unique memory. But just as he is beginning to accept his decision, an invasion from the east throws the tribe into chaos, and threatens to destroy the new life he has built.

Rhodri must rally the tribes to take on his former comrades, his former friends, and fight the forces of the crown he swore to protect—and the sister he has never known. Thrust into the role of leader, he must use the very lessons he learned in the King’s Third against his closest friends, and his most bitter enemy.

The book is due out on 24th May 2014, so we haven’t been able to read it ourselves yet, but author and good friend of Fantasy-Faction, Francis Knight, says of Joanne’s first novel in the series, Praise for The Art of Forgetting: Rider, that it is ‘A roistering romp, with darker undercurrents’ and that it is full of ‘Intriguing characters in a setting both familiar and different’.

For those wishing to support Jo, her website is www.hierath.co.uk and you can follow her on Twitter through @hierath77. If you are down South, Jo is launching the book at Bristol’s Forbidden Planet store in Triangle West, Bristol on Saturday 24th May 2014 from 1- 2pm – hopefully see some of you there!


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