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Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews
Book Name: Magic Breaks
Author: Ilona Andrews
Publisher(s): Ace
Formatt: Hardcover / Paperback / eBook
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy
Release Date: July 29, 2014

In this seventh installment of the popular Kate Daniels urban fantasy series, we have come to a crossroads. Kate has spent her entire life trying to hide her powers and live under the radar of her father, Roland, a god-like being whose envy of his offsprings’ potential power has left him with one remaining descendent—Kate—because he has killed all the rest. He also happens to be the creator of vampires and head of the People (necromancers). In trying to keep her loved ones alive and safe, Kate has finally drawn his attention as she faces off with his warlord—Hugh d’Ambray—who is trying to bring her back for Roland’s own scrutiny. After a failed first attempt in the Black Sea, Hugh brings the confrontation to her home turf.

In Magic Breaks, Hugh has instigated a war between the People and the Pack and eliminated the possibility of any outside aid, even managing to have Curran—the Pack’s Alpha—be called away on business, leaving Kate to lead the Pack on her own as his Consort. Add to that, Hugh’s ultimatum for surrender or face the Pack’s annihilation, and you have Atlanta about to face a cataclysm of unknown proportions. Oh, and there is also a mole in the Pack. Does it get any better? Why yes, yes it does!

There is a harrowing escape from a magical prison, cool references to The Princess Bride, and surprising revelations about Roland, not to mention the actual confrontation. Sadly, there are more deaths, but it ends with a jaw-dropping-but-awww-inducing turn of events. All I can say is, CURRAN. ROCKS. Even with less page-time in this book, he does not fail to impress.

One of the aspects that makes this series different is in its portrayal of vampires. These are not your sexy, bad-boy heroes often seen in the current vampire craze. Vampires in Kate’s world are mindless, deformed creatures to be controlled like a puppet for their masters’ business. When not in use, they must be confined and restrained because of their ever-present bloodlust.

Another unique element is the magic system. Their magic comes and goes in unpredictable waves in this world. Technology acts as a back-up when the magic is down and therefore is not critically depended on. Instead, there is the chanting of magic spells to get a car to start and giant donkeys that serve as transportation when options are limited. Not to forget the magical creatures each book introduces, the magic waves give birth to unusual and often hilarious results. Bunnycats, for example.

What really keeps me coming back are the characters. Kate and Curran are awesome in their own right, but the others are just as wonderfully developed. Derek, a teenage werewolf is utterly devoted to Kate and maturing into an alpha-worthy young man, especially after suffering a permanently disfigurement in an earlier book. New characters like Desandra and Christopher are fascinating to watch unfold. Desandra is another tough werewolf but is amusingly unpredictable and yet loyal. Christopher’s past is sobering and his loyalty costs him nearly everything.

There is a projected three more books in this series, but the story arc will take a decidedly different turn after this one. Many sobering events take place that sets the tone for a new direction. If you are a fan of urban fantasy and have yet to tap into this series, you are seriously doing yourself a disservice, but better late than never!

Here is a short excerpt to tantalize you in case you need more convincing:

“I dragged Hibla’s dagger against my bleeding side and hurled it at the mage. It bit into his throat. I sparked the magic in my blood and the blade erupted into a dozen sharp spikes, puncturing the mage’s throat from within. His eyes rolled back into his skull. He crashed down.

I looked back at the bleeding piece of meat that used to be [… ]. She couldn’t hurt any more than she hurt already. I swung my sword and watched her head topple off her shoulders. I should’ve just left her there to suffer, but I had things to do.”

There you have it. Go forth and read.

ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley.


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