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Brandon Sanderson Updates World on his Ongoing Projects & Provides Mistborn Release Dates

Alloy-of-LawSome exciting news came out of the Gollancz towers today:

Brandon Sanderson will be releasing two new Mistborn books in 2015/2016 and they’ve got release dates.

Mistborn: Shadows of Self will be coming in October 2015.
Mistborn: Bands of Mourning will be coming in January 2016.

Although not too many details of the books have been released, we know that this is part of Brandon’s aim to ‘show off Allomancy in different time periods’. We will once again follow Wax and Wayne, these books being a new series in the same early-industrial time period as Mistborn: Alloy of Law.  We believe these two novels will form two thirds of a trilogy that will have the same ‘fun, quick’ feel to them as the first standalone one did. Brandon stated that they will ‘introduce some very, very big things coming in the Mistborn world’. On first thoughts we assumed this meant for future Wax and Wayne’ adventure… but oh no… it’s something way, way cooler. The clue lay in Brandon’s comment that Mistborn is a ‘continuum series’; it was a promise to jump around the Mistborn timeline a fair bit more in years to come. Check this out:

So in the end, we’ll have four total [Wax & Wayne novels]. (The final one is tentatively called The Lost Metal.) From there, I might jump to the second “big” trilogy, which is 1980s tech. Or I might dally a little more in something 1940s-era instead. We’ll see.

Brandon-SandersonThose who follow Brandon Sanderson’s releases will know that 2015 is also the year we see the new Reckoners novel, Firefight (Jan 2015), and the third Stormlight Archive novel, the fight Alcatraz novel and the third Reckoners novel, Calamity are due very early 2016 too! We shouldn’t forget that Sanderson’s also playing around with sequels for Elantris, Warbreaker, Legion and Rithmatist that could all potentially be 2016/2017 released. We’re incredibly lucky to have such a talented author with such a vast and consistently high quality output.

P.S. If you are in the US, you will be pleased to hear that Brandon’s American publishers, Tor, have decided to publish the two novels in quick succession too (October 2015 and January 2016, just like Gollancz).



  1. Avatar Hedin says:

    The man is a machine. I hope he doesn’t burn himself out and can get to everything that he wants to do in his Cosmere.

  2. Avatar Raptori says:

    He’s been pretty clear all along that the original intention was to have three trilogies set on the mistborn world, all in different tech periods: medieval (original trilogy), 1980s, and scifi (spaceships). Alloy of Law was a happy accident, and its been enough of a success that he’s added another trilogy to that list – and it sounds like he’s considering adding yet another one with 1940s tech. Awesome stuff.

    In his short story Sixth of the Dusk, one prominent feature is that there are technologically advanced people in contact with the natives of that planet – it’s a good bet that those people are from Scadrial (Mistborn planet). Should be awesome stuff, though it’ll be decades before he gets that far, he has a hell of a lot of stuff to write.

  3. Avatar Arcanist says:

    I dont think he will burn out.

    However, there are every year plans for new young adult and/or Cosmere books. This makes the waiting for the conclusion of the Cosmere-cycle (Dragonsteel? 3th Mistborn trilogy?) longer and longer. I can only hope that he can manage finish all of his series, because to forge writing plans for finishing a cycle in 30(?) years is a definitely brave and risky decision.

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