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The Best SFF From The Web – Superheroes and Spooks.

Hey there! Welcome back to our weekly round up of some of the best SFF links from around the web. Once again it’s an eclectic mix of things that I’ve found interesting, have made me laugh or I just thought you would find cool. You’ll find bed covers, Ghostbusters and many, many superheroes. In fact, there are a LOT of superheroes in this one. And because it’s almost Halloween, I’ve included a spooky section including some great pictures that should hopefully inspire your costume this year.

So there we have it ladies and gents, your fun this week is Superheroes and Spooks. Enjoy.

Holiest cartoon montage ever

The Holy Robin Compilation! Is this the holiest cartoon montage ever? Holy Benedict Arnold/Stretch Marks/Weird Riddles, it may be! What’s your favourite Holy?

Comic Con in the 1980s

HOLY GLITTERATI! Check out some of this incredible cosplay from Comic Con in the 1980s. The above is one of my favourites but this really is a treasure trove.

Airy Petrol

This isn’t SFF but it is amazing news. Scientists in the UK have successfully created petrol out of air

Humble Ebook Bundle raises £700,000 ($1.1 million)

HOLY GOOD CAUSES BATMAN! The Humble Ebook Bundle raises £700,000 ($1.1 million) in a fortnight!

We want this bed…

You know when you were a kid and you always wanted a bed in the shape of a racing car? Well how about a Totoro bed!

Duh-duh-du-na-na na-na

HOLY BEAM CROSSING! Whether for better or for worse, Ghostbusters 3 is set to start shooting next summer. In celebration come sing with me – Nah nah nah nah nah nah – N-N-N-N-Nah Nah GHOSTBUSTERS!

New X-man due in the new Woverine Movie

If IMDB is to be believed, it looks like there might be another well known X-man turning up in the forthcoming The Wolverine. Consider this a possible spoiler.

He’s my Superman!!!

The lawsuit over who owns the rights to Superman is over and now the Justice League movie is definitely going ahead (via Slashfilm)

Superheroes are so damned cute

I love these cool superhero pictures from Ben Scruton

Ironman Three Trailer – Yes!!!

What do you mean you haven’t seen it yet? Get yourself over to Youtube and know just how good Iron Man 3 is gonna be with this excellent first trailer.

Here be some cool stills from the same Iron Man 3 trailer over at Collider AND if you want an extra bit of HOLY SHISH then have a look at what the Mandarin has tattooed on his neck here at Hit Fix. Wow right?

Superman hands in notice

HOLY PERRY WHITE! Superman quits the Daily Planet! 

Thor 2 and Ironman 3 spoilers

The link on this sentence has MAJOR SPOILERS for Thor 2 and Iron Man 3. Seriously, I ain’t joking. They are huge and make you shout HOLY WONDERMENT BATMAN but they really do give away too much information. You have been warned. Head on over to SlashFilm for the spill. 


Need ideas for Pumpkin Carving

Looking for some inspiration when carving your pumpkin? Look no further than here my friends! These are incredible!

HOLY UNFOUND DROIDS! Craving some more? Here’s how to make a storm trooper pumpkin

50 best horror movies

Film.com lists their top 50 horror movies. Worth a look if you’re stuck with what to watch this Halloween.

Halloween costumes we admire

Halloween costumes inspired by works of art... the scariest costumes of all.

Disney kicks Halloween ass

Mickey, Donald and Goofy take on some Lonesome Ghosts in this cartoon.

Fingernails are pretty cool…

Who knew finger nails could be cool? Check out this Halloween finger nail art. Wow!

Scary Phones

Did you like the above halloween costumes based on works of art? Then you’ll love these bizarre, old school Halloween outfits

Zombie proof your house

Finally, Money Super Market (of all places) has created a handy infographic explaining how to zombie proof your home


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