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Mistborn Movie Trailer

Brandon Sanderson is looking for help and because we at Fantasy-Faction love Mr. Sanderson and his work – we are going to ask our readers to give it to him.

Basically, Brandon Sanderson believes Mistborn should be turned into a film and is approaching studios trying to get people interested. What Brandon and the people working to get the film out there have done is stitch a ton of scenes from movies together in order to create something that gives the mood and atmosphere of Mistborn.

If you could take a bit of time, just 2 minutes in fact, to click and view what they have built, your viewing will add to their total hit count on YouTube. This is important, because the more people who view it – the more interest Brandon’s representatives have to show the studios that they have been approaching.

Here is what Brandon said:

“I figured I’d give you all an update on the status of the Mistborn film. Years have passed since I mentioned it had been optioned, and those years have not been spent in vain. The producers, Paloppa pictures, have done numerous drafts of a screenplay. They showed me each one, asking for input, and this latest screenplay is just fantastic. I’m very excited. It stays true to the soul of the story, yet at the same time adapts that story in a way that works better on film. I’m extremely excited.

Now that we have a great screenplay, we face a greater challenge: pitching the story to studios. I picked a smaller production studio when selling the rights because of their passion and their willingness to let me be part of the process. That means, however, that we face an uphill battle getting the film into production.

What can you do to help? Well, right now, the best thing to do is have a look at the “mood trailer” Paloppa has released. Note that this is not a true trailer, but more of a “fan trailer”-style clip. They’ve cut up different films and stitched them together in an effort to show what kind of film they want to make. It’s pretty cool. If you feel like sharing it and showing it off, I’m certainly not going to complain!

Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed for me and stay tuned. Paloppa is going to be pitching the film to studios during the next few months. (And, you know, if your uncle happens to be the head of Warner Brothers Pictures or is second cousin to Christopher Nolan and you want to give them the screenplay, feel free to drop me an email . . .)”



  1. Avatar Autumn2May says:

    Awesome! 😀

  2. Avatar xiagan says:

    Woah, that’d be so cool! 🙂

  3. Avatar Crushgoil says:

    I would love to see the whole trilogy as a set of films! I think they could turn out even better than the hunger games! I would support this to the point where I would donate money to make the project happen.

  4. Avatar Chris says:

    This movie could be the real deal! The story is absolutley brilliant! The difficult part will be to make a movie that is as good as the books are.
    GOOD LUCK GUYS! See it through

  5. Avatar Mike says:

    Yes! This would be SUCH a great movie! Loved the ‘mood’ preview!

  6. Avatar Peter says:

    SWEET! I am super excited for a Mistborn movie!

  7. Avatar Bob says:

    The Mistborn series would would be so assume as a movie.

  8. Absolutely loved Mistborn. A very unique take on a different kind of magic, mixed into an intriguing setting and atmosphere. Loved every word of the series. If they made a movie of it, I would absolutely go to see it and I havent gone to a theater for a movie in a few years.

  9. […] just found this trailer over at Fantasy Faction (I actually spotted it on the forums but the linked article explains better) and I just had to […]

  10. Avatar J K says:

    Very good mood trailer, especially when it used clips from many of my favorite movies. I can see why many shots of Selene are used in the trailer. I have high hopes for the movie.

  11. Avatar kd says:

    Please make this into a film! I really think this could be as good as harry potter or the hunger game!

  12. Avatar Grant says:

    I did my best to pretend to not recognize the films this trailer was cut from, and I must say it works. I Saw Vin and Kelsier fighting the Lord Ruler in Luthadel. I hope to see the film made, I am a big fan of the books. I would love to see a live action adaptation of the books, since the fight scenes are so unique, but would be disappointed in a CGI version (like Dragons of Autumn Twilight). It would really have to be an all or nothing type of movie.

  13. Avatar Ed says:

    Love the books can’t wait for the film.
    Just finished the alloy of law is there another book???

  14. Avatar Dave and Sue says:

    We think your mock up gives a great hint to the possibilities a fully fledged movie could do with your story. We wish you the very best of luck getting this project off the ground. It would be an awesome set of movies!

  15. Avatar Dr. Vo says:

    The books were awesome and I’m sure Sanderson will treat the movie with as much care as he is with the upcoming video game. No way this’ll be anything less than a great movie.

  16. Avatar Karen says:

    Mood trailer was excellent. Very loyal to the series. Good luck!

  17. Avatar Mike says:

    I am so looking forward to this. Just finished “Hero of Ages” and thought “There needs to be a movie of this!” The mood trailer really worked for me!

  18. Avatar Dab says:

    I could see Pete Postlethwaite making a good Sazed

  19. Avatar christopher says:

    hmmm….. prety good could be better was that man with the goald relly the lord rular? thats not how i think he works. and were are the steal inqusiters? but still ASOME keep up the good work!!!

  20. Avatar Matt says:

    I have high hopes for a Mistborn film. It’s got a very original concept and is one of the very few fantasies that doesn’t copy Lord of the Rings. I loved the books and want a movie. I also have high hopes for the upcoming game, but low expectations.

  21. Avatar david coward says:

    This could be a great movie. I would support it for sure. Loved the ending of the trilogy. A WAYYYYY better ending than Hunger Games and look how that is doing! This movie has everything that Holly Wood looks for so why not

  22. Avatar Shawn says:

    Sadly so few hits considering the age of the clip is not a good sign. To be honest, I HATE stitch/fake trailers. I see little creativity beyond “for fun” and can’t take them seriously as you’re basing your pitch on copying ideas. Of course most of the clips copying mainly campy fantasy-action flicks, and I’d say the stitch trailer is DETRIMENTAL to the pitch rather than helpful. I wouldn’t even show it to a studio unless it hit 100+ million hits in a quick snap to show the heavy interest… and I don’t see that being done without something self made and more creative. Hell, the author and the production company with a synopsis and some concept art done in an interesting way would probably garner more hits.

    That said, unfortunately studios now days are lazy pansies. They will not do a film unless there is a pre-sold audience… which means nothing but sequels, remakes or books/comics that have already sold in the millions. Not sure of the book numbers of Mistborn to know if that can be the sell point… but the fact that Sanderson already sold their pie makes this battle a hundred times harder. I do really hope this pans out as I love the books. We will see…

  23. Avatar Aiken says:

    Good song for the movie is Satellite by Rise Against… I’ll leave a link. Really think you should consider it. Fits near perfectly into the storyline

  24. Avatar Sven says:

    Happy New Year

    P.S. Can we get Brad Pitt as Kelsier?

  25. Avatar Ron says:

    I have read the Mistborn Trilogy Twice now. Each time I finished the series I was left with the feeling that I had just lost my best friends. I found myself sitting aimlessly not sure what to do next, no other books have ever left me feeling like that. Awesome series. I would love to see it as a series of movies but have to say, Game of thrones won’t last forever and this would be an awesome HBO or showtime series to take its place.

  26. Avatar James says:

    Am I the only one who was glad to see a Two Steps From Hell song in there?

  27. Avatar Heather says:

    This has the potential to be such an epic film series. The books were epic, it would be just wonderful to see it put to film.

  28. Avatar Audriella Brown says:

    Finished Hero of Ages today, was left stunned and paralyzed by the ending. I hope they make this into a movie, but it would be a stretch. I, as I’m sure others, would want this film to be breathtaking, much like the books were. It would take a lot of money and devotion. I wouldn’t want them to flake out and not do the absolute pristine job we all expect from such an amazing story. I would support this and all my friends would too!

  29. Avatar Diane says:

    I loved the books!!!!! I wish they could make the Mistborn trilogy into movies 🙂 The only thing is that the books are long and the movies are going to have to be in 2 parts each, or else there is going to be a lot of stuff cut out to make the story fit into the maximum amount of time allowed for a movie. I’d go for a 2 part movie for each book. I’d rather have a 2 part movie than have a lot of stuff cut 🙂

  30. Avatar Adam says:

    For the soundtrack, I recommend Bear McCreary (Defiance, Battlestar Galactica, Eurpoa Report). It would be awesome.

  31. Avatar Keely says:

    Huge Brandon Sanderson fan here– I thought the clips were very close to how I envisioned the world and some of the character’s in the Mistborn series. It felt very “Underworld-ish”, which I get, but I also see this book as a clash of grey and dusty with bright and rich because of the stark contrast between the two social classes. I hope to see this as a movie- and then perhaps we can script Warbreaker and Elantris for film too!!!!

  32. Avatar Lee Borup says:

    I’ve been watching and hoping for this series of shows for four or five years now. It will be as good as Hunger Games and Twilight and from what I’ve seen Divergent. They are in the same style, only Sanderson can write better. Hope they happen before I die. (I’m 67 so a little time I hope.)

  33. Avatar Ian Mason says:

    I would really love to see this is a movie! This one of the greatest ideas of ever heard of 😛

  34. Avatar Jennie says:

    Is there still going to be a movie?

  35. Avatar r carroll says:

    Was watching vikings episode 1 season 4 on history channel yesterday and they had a scene where the main character was walking in a field surrounded by mist. Wow, serious Mistborn flashbacks. Would love this to be a movie but it would be over way to fast. I would rather see it as netflix 4 or 5 season series, or HBO. Come on Netflix, get on it.

  36. Avatar Robert Plus Michelle says:

    im saying i was fooled by the trailer i thought at first there was a movie and i ran and got my wife to come watch it with me then at the end i was disappointed, thought it was bs but then after visiting the author’s site and this one i get it now, but my wife and i would love to see our favorite book become a movie we are big fans lol
    our sons name is from the Mistborn Trilogy and so is our new pit bull puppy witch we named Kelsier.

  37. Avatar Robert Plus Michelle says:

    if not a movie if nothing less how about live action audio like how Narnia was done by Tyndale?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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