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Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb

Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb
Book Name: Dragon Haven
Author: Robin Hobb
Publisher(s): EOS
Formatt: Hardcover / Paperback / Audio Book / eBook
Genre(s): Fantasy
Release Date: May 11, 2010

Robin Hobb - Dragon Haven - 1
Dragon Haven is a continuation of Dragon Keeper and as such we join a group of dragons, and their keepers, as they trek up the Rain Wilds River in search of the ancient Elderling City, Kelsigra. Throughout the journey, the dragons have grown stronger than anyone expected. Feeling the thrill of hunting for themselves, the dragons are given a fresh breath of life and strive harder to reach their final destination.

As the dragons grow stronger so does the tension between keepers, hunters, and those manning the barge. Fights and schemes erupt, love blossoms in unexpected places, and the keepers undergo physical changes. Tragedy strikes and those that survive wonder if they will ever see home again.

– – –

Much like Dragon Keeper, Dragon Haven is driven by its characters. The direction of the story is rather simple: move dragons from their cocooning grounds, up the Rain Wilds River, and to the Ancient Elderling City of Kelsigra. Without much in terms of twists and turns in the story, we rely on character growth and interaction to keep things interesting. Hobb does a terrific job of making the reader invest emotionally in the characters.

Unfortunately, when this book ended, I was a bit disappointed. First, because it felt as though the entire story was a stepping stone for future novels. I didn’t feel as though I was given proper closure with the people that I became so attached to. Secondly, the last scene literally made me stop reading for a moment and shake my head in disappointment.

Regardless of me not being sold on the way the book closed out, I thought the journey was interesting and enjoyable to read. Storyline is left wide open for Robin Hobb to weave a new tale and I am looking forward to the next novel set in this world.

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  1. Avatar Overlord says:

    Brilliant review as always by the charismatic Walt White 🙂 I love the added element of ‘video’. It’s a shame to hear this book wasn’t ‘perfect’, but I’m glad to hear that it’s open and intriguing non-the-less.

    The word ‘Dragon’ tends to encourage me to pick up a book whether good or bad anyway 😉

  2. Avatar sjhigbee says:

    It just goes to show just how differently people react to a book, doesn’t it? Like Walt, I loved the character development and the way Hobb wound the tension and difficulties with the disperate group of battling to get the dragons up to Kelsigra. However, I also loved the ending – and thought it brought all the storylines to a satisfactory ending for the book… and would recommend it to anyone – while suggesting that you go back and start at with ‘Dragon Keeper’.

  3. Avatar sjhigbee says:

    Oops – sorry about that. Messed up on the voting – meant to mark it 5/5!

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