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Douglas Hulick Interview – Coming Soon!

The fantasy genre certainly seems to be changing. Fantasy is getting cooler. Authors like Peter V. Brett, Brent Weeks, Joe Abercrombie and Adrian Tchaikovsky are taking the fantasy genre and blurring the lines between black and white. No longer is fantasy about whiter than white characters, setting out with no hope, against an evil foe and somehow growing enough to overcome them.

With all our favourite modern fantasy authors working on later 2011/early 2012 releases, I began to do some research as to what I should be reading in 2011. I found an interview with Brent Weeks who said the following, “Oh hell yeah, there’s new talent in the game. Read this book. No really, read this book.”

The author Douglas Hulick had a website that simply said, “Douglas Hulick is an author of fantasy fiction,” and little more than a synthesis of his book was available from Amazon:

Among Thieves – A Tale Of The Kin by Douglas Hulick

Douglas Hulick - Among Thieves (cover)

Drothe is a Nose, an informant who finds and takes care of trouble inside the criminal organization he’s a part of. He also smuggles imperial relics on the side.

When his boss sends him to Ten Ways to track down who’s been leaning on his organization’s people, Drothe discovers hints of a much bigger mystery. Someone is trying to stir up trouble between lower-level criminal organizations, including the one Drothe belongs to. And there’s a book rumored to contain imperial glimmer (or magic) that a lot of very dangerous people seem to be looking for – including two crime bosses known as the Gray Princes.

When Drothe discovers the book, he finds himself holding a bit of swag that can bring down emperors, shatter the criminal underworld, and unlock forbidden magic…that’s if he can survive long enough to use it.

Instantly, I began scouring the internet for more details on Douglas Hulick and his series, but to my disappointment, there was very little to be found.

I quickly found out the reasoning, his book Among Thieves – A Tale Of The Kin is not due for release until April 2011. Panicking, because I’d been told twice to read it by one of my favourite authors, I dropped an e-mail to Mr. Hulick and asked if we could have a chat and maybe give our readers and those across the net a bit more of an insight to his upcoming work.

To my surprise, that very same day I got an e-mail back from Douglas Hulick saying he’d love to help us out, give us some more details on the book and a bit of an interview. I’m currently putting together questions and after our chat will be putting the interview up on Fantasy-Faction for those who are as desperate as myself to find out more about this exciting prospect of 2011.

So as to leave you on a high, this is what we have to look forward to;

“Among Thieves is an unalloyed pleasure: a fast-moving, funny, twisting tale in an evocative setting with great characters. The kind of story that reminds you why you love to read. This book may just give you that feeling you had the first time you read Rothfuss or Abercrombie: Oh hell yeah, there’s new talent in the game. Read this book. No really, read this book.” – Brent Weeks.

You can read our interview with Mr. Hulick here.



  1. Avatar Catia24 says:

    I also read that interview by Brent Weeks and found out about his upcoming book release. Not much info out there right now but you’ve got me wanting to hear more. When is the interview being posted?

  2. Avatar SSJ_GOKU says:

    Haven’t heard of this guy before but the book sounds ace. Will be checkin bk for the interview.

  3. Avatar RedDragon2010 says:

    Just found this when googling ‘Douglas Hulick’ from that review you mentioned. Amazon has the release date down as April in the US too.

  4. Avatar Apikkon says:

    More Weeks like fantasy can only be a good thing

    Roll on 2011!!!

  5. Avatar Overlord says:

    Good to see so many comments on this post. I’m really excited about things myself and have some awesome questions lined up…

    Spread the word! 😀

  6. Avatar Jamie says:


    I saw this mentioned on another blog too. Can’t wait to hear what Douglas Hulick has to say about his own work instead of all these comments and cryptic coming soon messages

  7. This post was mentioned on Twitter by Fantasy Faction.

    Fantasy Faction said:
    Fantasy Book Fans, especially @BrentWeeks Night Angel fans – look out for Douglas Hulick next year.
    Preview here:

  8. Avatar dianagiles says:

    Wonderful. I will be coming back for that one. I have actually subscribed to the newsletter so I presume I will get an e-mail once it is up here?

  9. Avatar Overlord says:

    Hey guys,

    Just to let you know that I now have the interview on my computer and am editing it, it should be live… tomorrow!!!! =)

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