A Toast To Fantasy Romance – Guest Blog by Anna Kashina

A Toast To Fantasy Romance

Guest Blog by Anna Kashina

Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog-Off #4: Another Five Fall

Another Five Fall


David Dalglish Interview – Soulkeeper

David Dalglish

Interview – Soulkeeper


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Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

So after reading through Annihilation, I immediately looked up when Authority was coming out in order to present myself at my favorite bookstore and acquire it as soon as it was available. I had wondered if it was possible to make Area X any weirder and creepier than it already was. Authority proved that possibility […]

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Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

So in my latest attempt to further break Goodread’s recommendation algorithm, I decided to read Annihilation, partially because it doesn’t fit particularly neatly into any category, but also because I love the narrative trope of nature reclaiming that which man thought they had dominated long ago. I like it especially when mixed with science fiction-ish […]

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