The Midderlands – OSR Setting Mega Review

The Midderlands

RPG Setting Mega Review

Terry Pratchett and the Fantastical Power of Similes

Pratchett & the Fantastical Power of Similes


The Stone Road by G. R. Matthews

The Stone Road



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It’s Agent Week!

It’s Agent Week! 

UPDATE: Agent week is over! Thanks to our awesome agents and factioners for making it a huge success! Head over to our Facebook group to read all the questions and responses! If you’re an aspiring writer, dreaming of a publishing deal and one sacred day of seeing your hard work on the shelf at your […]

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John Jarrold’s Literary Agency Celebrates 10 years

I’d like to say a huge congratulations to John Jarrold who today celebrates the 10th anniversary of his Literary Agency. Literary Agents are the unsung heroes in the publishing world. Every year they receive thousands of manuscripts from authors who truly believe what they are sending in is the next big thing. The literary agent and their […]

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