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Author Topic: Writing project overwhelm - looking for tips & ideas  (Read 656 times)

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Re: Writing project overwhelm - looking for tips & ideas
« Reply #15 on: June 04, 2020, 07:03:35 AM »
There's definitely a point in what you're saying. But on the other side of that coin; I myself love reading books where the world is believable, and I don't think it ends up that way if you don't put in some grunt work when creating it. Now I know I won't be using a lot of this information in the novel, but I also know that a lot of it will show between the lines. If I'm familiar with the world, the characters will be, and that means they'll act and think accordingly. Same thing for if the characters are developed before they enter the story.

However, I do believe that I've been overdoing it a bit, as not all of that work needs to be done before you start writing scenes. On the contrary, I think it's better to leave some questions unanswered and allow the background and world to meld itself to the story, not the other way around. And granted, I do obsess a bit too much over details at times when I could be doing something more productive.

I need to go over my current notes to organise them a bit better, but other than that I do believe it's time to start writing and see what happen. And for my next project, I need to think about starting writing the story earlier in the process.
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