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Author Topic: What is the best place to build you marketing platform as a fantasy writer?  (Read 4110 times)

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I tweet a variety of links to my web site with promotional pictures of my novel and often funny photos. For instance, lots of friends and readers have sent me photos of themselves reading the novel in various places around the world, so I head those as, "Where are you reading...," and include travel as well as reading related hashtags. I also poke fun at this, by using pictures of my wife reading the book while driving, cooking and hanging washing, and me reading in the shower ("you just can't put it down...").

I use old movie stills and tie them into the book and I have an old favourite photo-shopped version of my cover with the synopsis in the form of a recipe. I do the same sort of stuff to link to my blog pieces and interviews.

The tweets seem to work in terms of driving regular sales, but even if they didn't, I'm having a blast!

Thanks! There are quite a few good ideas there.

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While I've written books, releasing original work incrementally has proven much more successful, though it is still a long-term, growth project, as others have pointed out. The only downside is it requires a huge amount of disciplined writing on a deadline schedule.

This really sounds like a lot of work!

It is, but I also happen to like serialized writing, so I'm biased :-P