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Is it worth completely avoiding the save the princess plot, or is it generally better to subvert as many sub tropes as possible?

In my work, there really isn't the notion of good or evil per say, so much as different people with more trustworthiness within the narrow scope of less than destroy or save the world motives.

It seems like it be would difficult to write someone worth saving who isn't depicted as purely good, and I'm not wild about damsels in distresses for varying reasons.

(I prefer teaching princesses to fight, not saving them is the jist.)

The whole subverting tropes thing has become kind of annoying. It's like if someone subverts tropes it automatically means they are writing a better story and "rebelling" against the genre status quo.

This isn't to say subverting tropes is bad, but just because an author subverts tropes doesn't mean they are doing anything original. It seems that a lot of people seem to think cliches and tropes are the same thing.

You can write a save the princess type story if avoid cliches and put a different spin on the trope.
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