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I have removed list, as it was no longer serving intended purpose. I hope anyone who needed it printed or saved.

Gosh no need for that!

And apologies for derailing your nice thread -- my brain goes off on tangents. I try to keep it under control but sometimes it runs away. Sorry

I was thinking at work today, wheat might be a good sticky would be a "compiled resources" thread, where we can all add interesting links to stuff which might come in useful. Because just because one person doesn't find it useful, doesn't mean it won't be useful to someone else. And sometimes we all need just a little thing, even if it's not a big deal in the story, we need just the right little detail here...

Once again, I do apologise

Tangentially...something that may make a difference re your clothes in a second world is maintenance. Before modern day dry cleaning was accidentally discovered, many richer peoples' clothes had to be unstitched to the panels, cleaned and then put back together, which obviously had implications not only on designs, but who could afford to keep their clothes maintained.

Just had a wicked thought - how about a magic system based on colour and carried around within threads of your sumptuous  clothing ? ;) ;D

Lady Ty, that is an awesome idea.
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