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Re: What Counts as Success
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just ran across the september author earnings report:

pretty salient stuff with regards to aap vs. self-pub.

money quote:
During that same period in 2015, Amazon’s overall ebook sales have continued to grow in both unit and dollar terms, fueled by a strong shift in consumer ebook purchasing behavior away from traditionally-published ebooks and toward indie-published- and Amazon-imprint-published ebooks.

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Re: What Counts as Success
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I can’t speak for anybody else, but my own personal definition of ultimate success would be to earn enough to keep a roof over my head, put food on the table and pay the bills. If I could do that, then I would be able to write full time. If I can’t do that, a few grand a year on top of a salary from a day job, would make a huge difference.

Like anybody else trying to be a writer, a few bestsellers here and there wouldn’t go a miss. But in reality, if anybody not related to me, buys my book and likes it, then that is success, a small bit of success, but never the less, success.