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Author Topic: Trends in Contemporary Fantasy  (Read 8201 times)

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Re: Trends in Contemporary Fantasy
« Reply #45 on: March 25, 2015, 12:50:04 PM »
It was a thread like this on another board which spawned the bit of writing Jmacyk kindly critiqued for me.

My thoughts were that, given the pendulum swing of all things, people might like something lighter than Grimdark stuff soon. I doubt we'll return to a world where we don't have grey morality though, that's here to stay. I also reckoned we hadn't seen much in the way of heist stuff (plenty of detective fantasy out there) so that might make an appearance, as well as renewed interest in traditional fantasy tropes ('cos people love 'em).
Historical stuff might be popular as well.. lots of Abercrombie's has an almost historical feel to it (could be the well rounded characters I suppose, or the military detail).

With that in mind I penned the first few chapters of what I decided should be  called #Grimlite (let's be clear, as I'm new hereabouts - I'm taking the piss a bit. This was all very tongue in cheek).

There was a great quote  here about "Don't marry for money. Go where the money is and marry for love."
I see nothing wrong with that but I for one find it hard to write about something I'm not interested in.
Sounds like we should try and predict trends we like then write in that, sort of the best of both worlds. Do what you feel but keep an eye on it's potential market.

After all... it's fine to have you head in the clouds as long as you have your feet on the ground.