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Online spec fic webinar with CS Pacat
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Hey crew, I know I mentioned the workshop I was doing with CS Pacat in a couple of places, and I know some interest was expressed in some of the ideas I was passing along, so I figured I would let you all know about this opportunity.

CS Pacat is doing an online webinar as part of Writers Victoria's Digital Writers Festival, entitled Plotting a Speculative Fiction Page Turner. She's noted in response to questions in twitter that the session will be covering plotting and her concept of narrative traction, which I count as one of the highlights of the longer workshop I did with her, so I highly recommend this for anyone who's after a little practical advice in plotting out or revising a novel.  Because it's online, it's internationally available, though that might depend on what the time works out to be in your part of the world - I am not sure they're going to make a recording available, but perhaps you could ask if it's ungodly for you.

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Re: Online spec fic webinar with CS Pacat
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Further opportunity to learn with Cat!

She's offering the course that I did again in the first half of 2018. It's a series of monthly online webinars, so you can join the class from anywhere in the world. (We had people from Asia and the US as well as Australia in the one I did.) They also record the webinars and make them available after the fact, so if the timing is ungodly for your part of the world, you can watch later. This is what I ended up doing, because they were always during baby dinner time, and it works out fine. You miss out slightly on some interactive elements--doing exercises in real-time, for instance--but as a plus you can pause and replay as you need.

The course also involves submitting writing for critique from your classmates, and from Cat herself. I found Cat's comments on pacing and character development on the page really helpful for my own work. My group of classmates has also formed an ongoing discussion and critique group.

If you're interested, full details are available on the Writers Vic website.