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Author Topic: A Game Plan for Promoting Genre Fiction  (Read 630 times)

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A Game Plan for Promoting Genre Fiction
« on: July 20, 2016, 02:11:10 PM »
raph koster showed this to me today.  (he's a game design guy)  i thought it was fascinating how it uses game design to build a marketing plan for your book.  it uses richard bartle's (another game design guy) taxonomy of player types to break down the strategies using the concept of an author being a performer/achiever/socializer/explorer type.

Promoting genre fiction grows more competitive every day, yet no two authors or careers are alike.

Our solution: a chooseable adventure so you can pick the path toward the career you've always wanted. We offer a promo game plan tailored to your personal style, strategy, and measure of success.

Your A Game explains the tools and rules of kickass genre marketing to let you make your best next move. We break down the tricks and traps facing all novelists so you can:

- build your personal brand into a professional force.
- polish your public presence, online and in person.
- reach your ideal market and access your fans.
- raise each project to the next level.

Your career should be fun. Start playing Your A Game now.


p.s.  it's so weird saying raph and richard are merely "game design guys".  heh.  know your audience, i suppose.