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Insights made about writing
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I guess in the lives of writers, there are frequently moments when you start to realize or learn something that you didn't before. Often not something huge or groundbreaking, but sometimes they are. Things that usually don't warrant to make a big announcement, but that still are steps to improving your writing. And I think a lot of these things might actually be just as useful to other writers in some way as well, even if it's just to add another small piece to larger puzzles about storytelling. So I'd really like to hear what things you've discovered or stumble upon in the future.

The realization I just made is that at the center of all Noir stories, there are characters who all don't fully trust each other. Nobody really trusts anyone. The big majority of all action is simply two or more characters having quiet conversations in which they try to get useful information from one another while subtly communicating that they know the other is up to something. They don't know what, but they are sure the other is trying to trick them in some way. They may have close allies whom they trust with valuables and sometimes even their lives, but never with their feelings. Everyone is always in a state of weary distrust around other people, that really is the core of the entire Noir style.
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