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My next cover - ideas
« on: March 30, 2019, 11:04:17 PM »
I'm three chapters into my latest novel, and I think once the fourth is done I'll be about ready to start putting them up on Wattpad. But I do need a cover. I'm going to fish for a reasonably priced artist on Deviantart, but there's the issue of what kind of outline to give them.

It's a sci-fi action/adventure story about Gaylen, a semi-criminal freelancer starting up with his own ship and crew and getting into way too much trouble during the first job.

Here are the ideas I have for now:

1) Gaylen sitting at a small café table, with a drink in front of him and hiding a pistol under the table. It's a scene from early on when he's talking to potential crewmembers.

2) Gaylen seen from behind, in a dimly-lit underworld beneath a city, hiding a gun behind his back. It's a scene from the first chapter, when he's meeting a crime boss for a job.

3) Gayle in a firefight, using a spaceship hallway corner for cover, plasma shots whizzing by.

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