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Author Topic: How Quickly/Slowly Do You Write?  (Read 2497 times)

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Re: How Quickly/Slowly Do You Write?
« Reply #15 on: August 14, 2016, 01:55:04 AM »
I guess it really depends on what you currently have going on.

When I had an idea I really wanted to expand and work upon,  I wrote 4 or 5 NaNo's in a row between August-December. In September I think I registered somewhere that I wrote more than 70k.

This year however, I wrote pretty much nothing except for the monthly contests.

First, I wanted to leave it alone a bit to see it later what I'd think of it. Second, I thought I needed a little rest  ::). Poor choice. It's like getting a long break from the gym. Third, I started to read differently, for entertainment of course, but also seeing pace, choices of words, and so on. And fourth, I was actually scared of editing so much stuff.

Those things and the monthly contest were a turning point. In one moment I could easily just sit for 2-3 hours and easily go at least 1k daily, 2-3k words not a problem either, just expanding on what I already had.
In the next I had to create new characters, settings, situations and more every new month.

It was, and still is, a pretty daunting task for me. Except for the Fourth Wall theme, I always have been the last to enter, usually on the very last days as well, with some really written from scratch on the very last day, out of sheer force of will of "I don't wanna skip a contest". When someone already posts a story 2-3 days after a theme is presented, or that they already have something to work for the month, my reaction is simply "wtf".

It also helped me in other ways. Except for the Fourth Wall, my stories simply presented a concept of an idea, or a situation, and ended in a cliffhanger or "this can continue later, did you like it?" type of story. After all, I only had the "long form" at mind.
I believe some people liked the ideas, but not that it lacked a story on its own. And I even thought or said I could continue that story and make it something bigger. Which obviously never happened.

Took me months to actually realize that, after I looked back on them. In fact, it took me about six or seven months to properly adapt to the format and until I finally consciously wrote something with a decent structure of beginning-middle-end within the limits (the 4th Wall actually did it, but I didn't do it consciously).

It also surprised me how much you could trim a story without losing its core and purpose. Even now I can think of a lot of trimming I could do, or a part that could have been worked more cutting out another, not to mention the typos, and so on.
Anyway, it helped tremendously when I opened my old files again. And then with some very simple and small changes, I could delete various chapters, 40-50k words simply gone like that, speeding up the events and not losing the core or the purpose.

So how quickly you write is of course important, for constant and regular input is necessary, but also to notice how quickly you noticed some improvement, something you started doing differently, how you noticed changes to your style, method or how you change things, specially if you can compare to some previous work.

Just some mulling over...
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Re: How Quickly/Slowly Do You Write?
« Reply #16 on: August 15, 2016, 11:17:06 AM »
I typically write nothing for weeks on end, then have a few days where I'll knock out 4-6k and revise it thoroughly. Burst writing at it's best/worst.

I'm trying to be more consistent.