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Re: Book Titles
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Other examples are The Traitor Baru Cormorant (Who is Baru Cormorant and who do they betray?]...
Thank you for bringing that one up! Because I was quietly and hilariously (to myself) outraged when I discovered the UK title for the book was just "The Traitor". It felt like it had removed all specificity and therefore intrigue from the title. Oh, there's a traitor? In a fantasy book? Quelle surprise! But "The Traitor Baru Cormorant" made me go, "OK, who is Baru, what is she betraying and how, tell me all about it." It imbues the character with a weight and power from the very start of the book.

I think partly it's that the titles in the series - The Traitor, The Monster, The Tyrant - make it explicit that Baru Cormorant is not a heroic person in a way that is immediately intriguing for a fantasy protagonist. But the UK titles just make it a... I want to say "faceless figure" but given the mask motif of the books that feels way too on the nose. ;D

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Re: Book Titles
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Then there’s the publisher decision to change a title. The one that immediately springs to mind is Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London Being retitled as Midnight Riot For the US market.
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Re: Book Titles
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Years ago I fiddled around with a story I called The Heron Kings, making it up as it came to me. It was 200,000 words of awful, incoherent mess. I finally set it aside and started on a new story that was basically a prequel. It was also called The Heron Kings, and it came out last April (99 c/p on Kindle until tomorrow!). I went back and rewrote the first story into something resembling a novel and sent it to my editor...but I don't at all know what to call it! I put several options for possible titles on the first page- The Heron King's Flight sounds clunky to me, and The Course of the Sun sounds too much like GGK. The first one there was no question of the title, but for the second I've no idea.  ???
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Re: Book Titles
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How do people come up with titles for their books?

The only thing I dislike about Scrivener is that I have to choose a name right at the start. By the time I'm a few chapters in, I feel like the title no longer fits. Obviously I can change it later, but it still irks me.

It's so hard to create titles that stand out, fit the story, and haven't already been taken.

First of all, you can rename your Scrivener project by renaming the [project name].scrivx file in the [project name].scriv folder. So there's that sorted.  ;)

Just did this today, then had a minor panic when i couldn't find the document because it was under a different name.  ::) Thanks for this tip, really helped with my indecision.
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