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Author Topic: Writers and their... RITUALS!  (Read 441 times)

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Writers and their... RITUALS!
« on: December 30, 2019, 05:52:58 PM »
I'm surprised by how many branching topics I'm finding in threads at the moment, and I've been good and ignored most of them lol.

Okay, so down to business. Some of the responses in the addictions thread have opened up a new line of inquiry.


Do you have a special spot, time of day, fluffy sweater, or elaborate native writing dance to get you in the zone?

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Re: Writers and their... RITUALS!
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I think rituals are important, because they're a way of training the brain. What you want is for your brain to be ready, handing you the words and concepts, when you sit down to write. Rituals - habits in how and when you set up to write - help your brain get ready to do that.

A thing I find is that when I don't have regular writing time, my creativity ebbs. My brain goes, "Well, if you're not doing anything with these ideas, I'm going to stop generating them." When I do have regular writing time, my creativity is always brimming; there are always words there when I sit down to write.

Rituals can be small: I used to just have regular set times for writing - my morning commute, in my lunchtime - where I'd just sit down in my designated place, open the laptop, and get to work. (I'd use my evening commute to go over the scene plan for the next day and get my subconscious churning on it overnight.)

Rituals can be bigger: when I was trying to get myself back into a writing habit, I had a convoluted series of warm-up steps - going to a cafe, getting my coffee, sketching out the scene plan in my notebook, setting a timer, getting to work. This was partly because I needed more ritual to switch my brain from "full-time Mum" mode into writer mode.

I am of the opinion that a big part of being a successful writer is learning how to trick your own subconscious into peak productivity. It takes more for some people than others, but basically: Know thyself.