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Author Topic: About ambiguous comments  (Read 2239 times)

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Re: About ambiguous comments
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Can you find a new site to post your writing down? Some sites probably be better than others.

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Now here is my link www. Eclipse is brilliant and a true gent, sorry couldn’t help myself  ;D
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Re: About ambiguous comments
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1. Are ambigous comments frequently posted in non-spanish writting sites?
2. Do you agree with my proposed strategies to fight against them?

1. Yes - certainly in English and I would imagine it is pretty universal.
2. Hmm. Personally I wouldn't invest that much time in someone whose response is very blah. Much better, imo, to get to know a small set of decent people and build solid (though still online) relationships with them, maybe even beta read their stuff. Mutual beta-reading is often a good way to get a solid whack of feedback because there's a sense of "You read my book and I'll read yours". That said, the act of reciprocating can come with other issues (like a sense that you have to give good feedback to get it) which can undermine the process so you have to be quite careful not to upset the balance. I've found loads of beta readers via twitter, including one fantasy cartographer whose work I really respect, so that was quite a gem of feedback.
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