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author Michael Manning
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Michael Manning's upcoming fantasy novel, entitled Secrets & Spellcraft, the sequel to The Choice of Magic.  Michael will post the cover art tomorrow, on Facebook.  Pre-orders available within a week.  Book release by the end of October

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Re: author Michael Manning
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Hexa if you are Micheal Manning you don't have to refer to yourself in the 3rd person. How about telling us a little more about the book?
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Re: author Michael Manning
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The Choice of Magic is a coming-of-age fantasy, about a boy named Will.  Will begins as an apprentice herbalist, but it is discovered that he has magical ability, which is not accepted in his village.  Will is forced to flee to the distant house of a mage, where he learns about magic.  Unfortunately, before Will can finish his training, a foe arrives to menace his family.

Will seeks opportunities to defend his family, becoming a spell-sword (sword & sorcery).  Along the way, he meets interesting fantasy characters, such as the Fae, a mysterious cat beast, and even a princess.  Will learns how to negotiate agreements with diverse characters.

The book is an adventure, as Will travels the world, encountering new dilemmas and opportunities.

The Choice of Magic has 221 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.5 stars.  It is the #4 bestseller for Young Adult Sword & Sorcery eBooks.

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Re: author Michael Manning
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Hey @hexa , are you Michael Manning? :)
Kallor shrugged. 'I've walked this land when the T'lan Imass were but children. I've commanded armies a hundred thousand strong. I've spread the fire of my wrath across entire continents, and sat alone upon tall thrones. Do you grasp the meaning of this?'

'Yes' said Caladan Brood. 'You never learn'