June 21, 2018, 11:15:16 AM

Author Topic: 5 April 2018 at Bham Waterstones - Bradley Beaulieu, Steven Aryan, Anna Stephens  (Read 262 times)

Offline AnnaStephens

Hi all

I'll be taking part in an event at Waterstones Birmingham on Thursday 5 April alongside Bradley Beaulieu for his new novel A Veil of Spears, along with Steven Aryan for Battle Mage. I'll be talking about Godblind and the upcoming Darksoul.

Tickets are £3 from Waterstones.

Hope to see you there.


Online CameronJohnston

Right after Eastercon sadly, so won't be making this one.  Birmingham has a really good fantasy scene going on these days :)

Preorders help an author more than you think!

Offline Rostum

Will there be beer after?

Offline AnnaStephens

At the moment I'm unsure, but happy to go for a drink or two if others want to.

Offline Rostum

I am supposed to be working at 06:00 the following morning. I will book the day off if there is more going on otherwise I spend more time traveling than attending the event. if there are pre-release copies for sale or peeps are going on for food n drinks after that makes it more tempting to attend.