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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Back Cover Blurb:

From the dawn of man, the war between Demons and Angels has ravaged the land. Two thousand years of peace has lulled the people into a false sense of security. Malach is on a journey to find his place in the world and pick a side in the war that is quickly approaching, meeting unlikely allies along the way.

That sounds interesting. If it has minimal grimdark elements, I'll review this.

Just started on Paternus, this will happen after I finish that (couple of weeks max), if that's ok.
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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Genre: Fantasy
Length: ebook (92 pages) Paperback (108 pages)
Format:Paperback or Kindle
Back Cover Blurb: THE AGE OF MEN IS OVER
All that remains of the old world is Abarku, a human, residing amongst the elves who have returned to the lands they once called home long before men ruled. All welcome him graciously, except for one fierce hunter named Quith. Peace endures until an outsider arrives, bringing them death and uncertainty. Misfortune strikes and Quith’s beloved suffers a grave wound - with his only hope a mysterious magic from the ancient kingdom of Kror, long since erased from history. Quith reluctantly accepts Abarku’s knowledge about the kingdoms of old, as they must travel together and survive the journey through the magical woodlands, encountering sinister beasts and worse in order to save their friend before his last breath.
How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: Available on Amazon/Amazon Kindle
Stipulations: Any reviews either here or Amazon would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Name: Keith Blenman

Website URL:

Novel Title: The Girl Drank Poison

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 42,000 words (133 kindle normalized pages)

Format: Kindle, or pdf if you prefer

Back Cover Blurb:
A magic potion may spoil; its intended effects lost to time. The power of a potion, however, never fades. It contorts, deforms, and mutates, often leading to something monstrous. Thus tragedy befalls Zellin Percour, a young woman tricked into drinking an expired love potion. Now, transformed into an abomination, she’s rampaging her way toward the town of Sleeping Bear, hellbent on finding the man who deceived her.

Horace is enjoying his quiet life. He loves his wife, his children, and his shop in Sleeping Bear. He’s grateful that his violent past is buried deeper than the bodies left in his wake. But when a fool leads disaster to his door, he must revive his lethal talents or risk losing everything.

Griever wields a weapon of untold power. She’s also only two feet tall. This makes her both the deadliest and most easily overlooked bounty hunter in the world. She’s caught the scent of her hero, legendary pirate Lorenzo Blade, and is eager to discover if the man lives up to his myth. Her trail leads her to Sleeping Bear, where she’s about to discover all manner of hell lying beneath the surface.

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: unlimited

Stipulations: No stipulations!

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Voice of War by Zack Argyle
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Hi all! My debut epic fantasy novel, Voice of War, was slated to come out April 12th. Because everyone is quarantined and stuck inside, I decided to release it nearly a month early. Now that it's out, I'd love for you to read it and let the world know what you think!

Name: Zack Argyle
Website URL:
Novel Title: Voice of War
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: 367 pages (print)
Format: Any ebook format
Stipulations: None

Chrys Valerian is a threadweaver, a high general, and soon-to-be father. But to the people of Alchea, he is the Apogee—the man who won the war.

When a stranger's prophecy foretells danger to Chrys' child, he must do everything in his power to protect his family—even if the most dangerous enemy is the voice in his own head.

To the west, a sheltered girl seeks to find her place in the world.

To the south, a young man's life changes after he dies.

Together, they will change the world—whether they intend to or not.

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Hi from Australia everyone,
I'm actually posting on behalf of my wife, who's just released her debut novel, Heir of the Curse. It's a YA fantasy novel with a story that I highly recommend.

Hope you enjoy! Look forward to your reviews on Amazon. :-)

Raymond White

Name: Deborah Grace White
Website URL:
Novel Title: Heir of the Curse
Genre: YA Fantasy/coming of age fantasy/fantasy, adventure, touch of romance.
Length:147k words
Format: Any you like (just let me know)
Back Cover Blurb:
Kyona’s lost heir is found—but his birthright might be his greatest curse

Calinnae’s world is shattered when a discovery about his best friend Jonan brings the king’s soldiers down on both families. Barely avoiding their pursuers, the two friends escape with nothing but each other, and the stories of the past they grew up with. Stories that might hold answers, if they turn out to be more than just legends.

Still hunted, they set out for Kyona’s infamous mountains, assisted by Elnora, an unlikely rescuer with mysteries of her own. They hope to find answers, perhaps even the dragons of legend, whose magic might be the key to restoring Kyona’s ancient bloodline.

But the mountains hold more than just magic—they hold a secret that none of the friends are prepared for. And Calinnae’s response, as much as Jonan’s, will decide whether the kingdom stands or falls.

If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, mystery, and clean romance, discover the world of the Kyona Chronicles today. Heir of the Curse is the first of four novels in the series.

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: 10

Stipulations: No sharing the link. Please email Deborah to get in touch.

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Hi all,

Would be great to have some fantasy fans review my short story, 'The Invisible Nurse'. It is available on Kindle Unlimited.

Website URL:
Novel Title: The Invisible Nurse
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 60 pages
Format: Ebook
Back Cover Blurb:

In a different time, in a different place, in a distant land called Alfadia, there is an ancient healing practice that lingered on from an era when magic was commonplace. None of the elders in all the simple and happy villages question the wisdom or effectiveness of the practice, nor its origins or meaning, until one day a child begins to query the tradition and unintentionally unleashes a wildfire of doubt and unease.

This is a parable for our times, when we take so many wonders for granted. As the story unfolds, seen through the eyes of the child, Alicia, the reader is drawn from a quiet enjoyment of the modest village life into a deepening crisis of doubt and discontent. No-one who reads this story will ever look the same way again at the past or the present. Recommended for children and adults alike.

Stipulations: Amazon, fantasy-fiction, please pass to other reviewers

Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Hello wonderful Fantasy Faction readers and writers! My debut novel, Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth, will be releasing on E-Book June 2, 2020, and in stores September 22, 2020. Before it drops, I hope to have as many early reviews circulating the net as possible. Hope you enjoy it!

Name: Christopher Russell
Website URL:
Novel Title: Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: 482 pages
Format: E-Book or Hard Copy
Back Cover Blurb:

A world consumed by war . . .

An ancient evil resurrected . . .

A millennia old bargain comes due . . .

When two blades clash, the third will fall, and the fate of all will be jeopardized. To save Lozaria, the failures of the past must be atoned for by a new generation of heroes. The time has come for mortals to cast off sight and, in doing so, truly come to see . . .

Victory is never absolute.

   Seven centuries ago, the forces of order won the Illyriite War on the plains of Har'muth.  Darmatus and Rabban Aurelian slew their elder brother, Sarcon, the despotic architect of the conflict, then sacrificed themselves to banish the cataclysmic vortex opened with his dying breath. The first advent of the Oblivion Well was thwarted. Even without their vanished gods, the seven races of Lozaria proved themselves capable of safeguarding their world. 
   Or so the story goes. 
   The year is now 697 A.B.H (After the Battle of Har'muth). Though war itself remains much the same, the weapons with which it is waged have evolved. Airships bearing powerful cannons ply the skies, reducing the influence of mages and their spells. Long range communication has brought far flung regions of Lozaria closer than ever before. At the center of this technological revolution are the three Terran states of Darmatia, Rabban, and Sarconia, who have fought a near ceaseless campaign of 700 years in an attempt to best each other. The roots of their enmity lie buried beneath the wasteland of Har'muth, a place all three nations consider best forgotten. 
   However, an ancient power sealed within Har'muth has not forgotten them, and the descendants of those who fought on that field must now take a stand to rectify the mistakes of the past. 

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: 30-50; I will update this thread once I stop taking submissions.

Stipulations: Please feel free to post your review wherever you want (social media, forums, libraries, etc.). My only request is that you ensure the Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes and Noble websites are included in that list. If you are friends with other reviewers on this site, feel free to share your copy provided every reader submits a review.

Note: This is the first book in the Divinity's Twilight series.

Signing up at allows me to keep track of who's reviewing the book.'s-twilight-rebirth)/ has more information about the release.

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Hello There!

My name is Chezzeré Day, but I write under the not quite pseudonym, C. A. Day. I have just published the first novella in a series of 4. I greatly appreciate anyone willing to take the time to read my book and write a review!

Name: C. A. Day


Website URL:

Novel Title: The Order of TSP

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Length: 31,000 words

Format: Paperback or Digital

Back Cover Blurb:
Living a mundane life in Stockton, California, Conlan meets Amalthea at a bar and they share a night together, never expecting to see each other again. Not looking for anything serious, they wake up the next morning prepared to go their separate ways. Until a strange rabbit-like little man, knocks on the door, giving them both news that would change their lives forever.They discover they are part of a group called The Helpers. An alliance that is tasked with saving mankind from an organization that has been manipulating humans for over a millennia. As Helpers, they can travel through time to fight The Order of TSP, inter dimensional beings. An organization fixated on manipulating the minds of others, through entering their dreams, in hopes to destroy another Order, unknown to The Helpers. It takes a moment for Conlan and Amalthea to listen, hesitant and unsure of their future but open to new possibilities. With nothing holding them back, they embark on a new path, leaving their ordinary lives behind.
Being members of The Helpers comes with more responsibility than they were prepared for; not finding it easy to get along. Saving mankind doesn’t come easy. Having the first two, a brown book called Beathan and a silver hand mirror called Hormat, they must find the other 12 magical artifacts in hopes of opening the final portal and defeating the TSP.
Soon,Conlan and Amalthea learn that their entire lives has been a lie. Since they were born, The Helpers had been preparing them for this very moment. People they thought were mere friends or mentors were Helpers, guiding them to this very moment. Furthermore, Conlan and Amalthea realize their artifacts are paired, forcing them to face this journey together. They now have no choice but to learn to trust each other and face the dangers ahead.

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: 15

Stipulations: Reviewers are allowed to post reviews wherever they like as long as they send me a copy or link to their review. The reviewer may pass the copy along to another reviewer as long as the other person actually plans on posting a review. Reviewers will receive a copy of the book for FREE.

Again, I greatly appreciate anyone willing to take the time to review my first novella!

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Hi all, my name is Scott, I've just had my first novel "The Veil Trap" published,  its the first in a series, if anyone's interested in taking a look please get in touch.

Name: S.J.Simpson
Website URL:
Novel Title: The Veil Trap: Nanna Nuts, Mr Milly, Moggins and Me.
Genre: Fantasy-fiction, action-adventure, paranormal, urban-survival, children 10+, Ya, adult
Length: 96,000 words
Format: Paperback and Digital

Back Cover Blurb:
Ten-year-old champion daydreamer, Peter Nuts, his trusty dog, Mr Milly, and a long summer break at Nanna’s.

Not quite the idyllic setting for a battle between good and evil, right?

Woodland adventures with his friends, fun with his eccentric nanna, Peter’s certain this is going to be a summer to remember.

And it certainly is. But not for the right reasons.

Nanna Nuts is forced to shed light on the strange incidents of Chattersley, the usually sleepy village where she lives. And when she opens the door to The Veil and shows Peter what lies beyond our earthly perceptions, his young life changes for eternity.

This fledgling hero dives head-first into a magical place which borders between the realms of fantasy and reality. He encounters the Rag Tree Boys (the ethereal embodiment of childhood spirit) and the oracle rosewood bird, Wit. He has to quickly learn about the paranormal and the rules which govern this alternate reality.

A place where the good is infinitely beautiful, and bravery and honour manifest before his very eyes. However, as Pete awakens and the Light celebrates, the Dark are hot on his trail and keen to snuff out his growing power.

Will Pete survive the tentacles of fear that desperately want to choke his Light?

Will he find the courage to uncover the truth behind this secret realm and an age-old mystery?

In the maze of traps that is a playful boy’s imagination, is the power to be a saviour, or the nightmare knocking at your door?

How many copies available: PDF Unlimited

Stipulations: Reviewers are allowed to post reviews wherever they like as long as they send me a copy or link to their review.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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I would love a review for my Supernatural Dark Fantasy trilogy. The final book will be released this October and definitely need some reviews for it (Particularly on Amazon, Bookbub, and/or Goodreads).

Name: Tabi Slick
Email: fantasy (at)
Website URL:
Tompkin's School Trilogy is the first series within the Transitions Universe consisting of:

Tompkin's School: For The Extraordinarily Talented (Book 1) -
Tompkin's School: For The Dearly Departed (Book 2) -
Tompkin's School: For The Resurrected (Book 3) -

Genre: Dark Fantasy, YA Werewolf & Shifter Thrillers
Length: 334-418 pages
Format: Digital
Back Cover Blurb:
What if demons, time travelers, and sorcerers were all real?

Izara thought her life was over the moment that her father sent her and her twin brother to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere. That is, until she discovers the school is not as ordinary as she thought.

Thrown into a world filled with shapeshifters and supernatural powers she never imagined possible, she must face the demons that seek to control her and force her to use her new powers for evil.

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: 1 digital copy per reviewer

Stipulations: Reviews should be left on In addition, reviewers may also post the review on Fantasy-Faction website, their own website, Goodreads, and Bookbub. The reviewer must show proof of review before the next in the series will be delivered. The reviewer may only distribute their review and excerpts, but may not distribute the book in its entirety to any other person or electronic database.

If you're interested in reading the series!

Illustration of Izara Torvik from Tompkin's School by

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Hello I am a first time self published author, and I am looking for reviews for my fantasy novel which will be the first in a series. I market it as a fantasy novel, but it also has elements of romance, adventure and the supernatural.

I draw on my love of mythology (Greek in particular), world cultures, religions, histories and languages in order to create a parallel world and an ancient society rich in its own mythology.

While the book is involved with the supernatural, it explores the very real human struggles of individuals, society and age old questions of nature and power.

Name: S. L. Barrie
Website url: I am still in the process of setting up a working website but you can find my Facebook author page here -
Genre: Fantasy, adventure, supernatural
Length: 287/289 pages
Format: ebook and paperback

There's no such thing as monsters. All the things you were afraid of as a child aren't real. There's nothing under your bed. The thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night, heart racing, it's just a bad dream, and dreams don't come true. There's nothing to be afraid of.

For members of The Order, an ancient and secret society, it's a very different story.
As descendants of the Greek gods, they know the truth.
On their mission to Olympia to stop the God of Fear from terrorising everyone with Nightmares, they'll learn there are more secrets in a secret society than they realised and there's always another story to be told.

Meanwhile, back in Ashwood, things are becoming increasingly strange for Mara. University lectures and relationships are the least of her worries. Her dreams are turning into nightmares and they feel so real. People are going missing and the craziest thing is that monsters might be to blame.
But monsters aren't real. Nightmares don't come true. Greek gods are just a myth.
Soon she'll discover that reality is what you make of it.

Is it all real or is it all just a bad dream?

Join our fellowship of unlikely heroes as they step through the Gates of Olympia, and perhaps you will uncover the truth about the Gods and The Order before they do.

How many copies available: The ebook is available in a kindle friendly format, pdf, MOBI I also have 8 paperback copies available in my posession if any one prefers a physical copy, I would be happy to provide one.
Stipulations: Physical copies may be shared but not digital copies. Excerpts may also be shared and published on blogs, websites and forums but not the entire novel. I would like teviews to be published on Amazon, bookbub and Goodreads, but tou are also welcome to publish your review on blogs and forums.

Without sounding too corny, the idea for the book came to me in a dream about nine years ago, I could see each character and knew instinctively who they were and what they did. They are as real to me as family and I would love for people to get to know them and hear their stories. During the time I have spent researching and writing my book I have had two beautiful daughters, so I write when I can. For me, it’s not about being the next J.K.Rowling, it’s about showing my girls that dreams can come true if you stick with what you love and hopefully giving readers something they enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

If you choose to review my book here are some links for you. Please accept my apologies, as I don’t have any reviews yet, I’m finding it difficult to link directly to review pages.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for review.
If you enjoy the book please keep a look out for Book 2 in the Sandman series - Dreams and Dust.

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Name: Marcus Lee
Novel Title: Kings and Daemons
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Length: 140k words
Format: ebook
Back Cover Blurb:
Over fifty years have passed since Daleth the seemingly immortal Witch-King and his army conquered the Ember Kingdom.
Now, with the once fertile lands and its enslaved people dying around him, the Witch-King, driven by his insatiable thirst for eternal youth, prepares his forces to march on the prosperous neighbouring Freestates. It will be the beginnings of a conquest that could destroy nations, bringing death and destruction on an unimaginable scale.
Then, when a peasant huntress whose rare gift was concealed from birth is exposed, it sets in motion a chain of events that could alter the destiny of generations to come.

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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I'm a Colombian author and illlustrator. Here's the date for my recently published book.

Name: Daniel Cuervonegro
Website URL:
Novel Title: The Atlas of Dreams, Sins of the Maker (book 1)
Genre: Science Fantasy
Length: 190.000 words approx.
Format: ebook
Back Cover Blurb: The Atlas of Dreams is a five-episode series, starting with Sins of the Maker, the setup and beginning of the rising conflict brought about by our search of transcendence and the paths we take towards it. After the stars have lost their energy and the universe reaches its final breaths, humanity strives for paradise. But the cost of it can be too great for those who must choose for the rest of us.
How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: as many as required.
Stipulations: Honesty. Other than that you can post the review wherever you like. Just let me know where please.

I am thankful for the honour and opportunity.

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Hello everyone, I would love to have someone review my debut novel The Heron Kings published by Flame Tree Press, an operation big enough to hoard all the rights but not to do any marketing. This is a rather "dark, brutal and bloody" (according to GdM) story with its only real fantasy element being that it's set in a fictional world, so a strong stomach is advised, and it definitely won't be for everyone. But I hope it's for someone at least.

Some other editorial review blurbs:
“Excellent debut…Readers who love medieval-esque fantasy will delight in this rousing tale of rebellion.”  -Publishers Weekly starred review

“Fast-paced and gripping The Heron Kings is riveting stuff” -British Fantasy Society

I'd love to add some more reader reviews, though. Here are the specs:

Name: Eric Lewis
Website URL:
Novel Title: The Heron Kings
Genre: Dark Fantasy (kind of...)
Length: 97,000 Words
Format: Print and Ebook
Back Cover Blurb:
After a warlord slaughters her patients, Sister Alessia quits the cloister and strikes out on her own to heal the victims of a brutal dynastic conflict. Her roaming forest camp unwittingly becomes the center of a vengeful peasant insurgency, raiding the forces of both sides to survive. Alessia struggles to temper their fury as well as tend wounds, consenting to ever greater violence to keep her new charges safe. When they uncover proof of a foreign conspiracy prolonging the bloodshed, Alessia risks the very lives she’s saved to expose the truth and bring the war to an end.

(This is the publisher's description. In reality it's much more of an ensemble cast, with two or three main protagonists)

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: I can purchase and send up to, say, ten copies either paperback or Kindle, though I can only send Kindle redemption codes within the US because Amazon sucks.
Stipulations: None! (Though if you hate it I hope you'll spare me the devastation...)

Thank you so much!

Direct buy links:

My latest attempt at an ad banner:
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"No one gets what they deserve in life, except by accident."
--Spymistress Vinian, The Heron Kings

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Hi All,
I'm looking for advanced readers and reviewers for my new book By the Sea.

Name: J. Steven Lamperti
Email: steve2lamperti (at)
Website URL:
Novel Title: By the Sea
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 43,000 words
Format: PDF
Back Cover Blurb: below
Stipulations: not really.

Publication date: 9/1/2020

Annabelle has grown up in Chelle by the Sea. Her friends, family, and life are the little medieval fishing village on the coast. However, a dark sadness in Annabelle’s past could rip her from her family and town, and especially from the sea.

When a mysterious stranger comes to Chelle, knowing more than he should about Annabelle, the whole town wants to know what’s going on. Is Llyr more then he seems?  Why is he interested in a small fishing town and a young girl who lives there?

As Llyr pulls Annabelle out of her simple world, the questions of who he is and what he wants from her become ever more vital. Invitations to a ball, meeting a Duke: these are things that were never in the cards for Annabelle.

In By the Sea, a young girl faces questions her life was never supposed to hold and rises to the occasion in ways she never could have imagined.