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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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I’m a debut author who has been honing the craft of writing for 15 years and made the transition from well researched historical fiction to fantasy over the last 3 years. My strong female lead time travel novellas are currently available on Amazon (kindle/paperback) and are getting good reviews, but I am particularly seeking reviews/feedback for the collected paperback version of my stories about palaeontologist Dr Eve Wells – ‘Deeper Realms, Volume 1 Chronological Edition’ – available on Amazon.

My stories blend ancient legends and thriller-vibe adventure with a (slightly gothic) classic-sci-fi feel which would not be unfamiliar to lovers of fiction as diverse as The x-files, Jurassic Park (the book of course), Dr Who, Indiana Jones, HG Wells and CS Lewis. Deeper Realms is just a fragment of a vast and interlinking world of unpublished tales which are just beginning to make it into print and there is certainly something there for everyone!

I currently have a couple of hard copies available for review, plus a PdF version can be provided … and if anyone would be willing to help with my on-a-shoe-string-journey, I’d be indebted if you’d be willing to purchase a copy!

Name: Ian Roberts
Email: initial contact via twitter @IRobertS_author insta: @irboberts_author facebook: @TheUHM or:
Website URL:
Genre: Fantasy
Length:  455 pages - the Omnibus version
Format: Hardcopy
Back Cover Blurb:
“She felt her mind drawn back through deeper darkness – through the rush and pull of a different blackness, to the sights and sounds of places so incredible she could barely believe she had seen them.”
From across the globe come tales of strange creatures and phenomena which science is hard pressed to explain, but when the mysterious Ravenna Friere walks into Dr Eve Wells’ life, the anxious young palaeontologist finds herself drawn into a world of terrifying answers.
From the frigid shores of Loch Ness, to the blazing deserts of Egypt, Ravenna leads Eve and fellow time traveller, curator Polly Nightingale, on the trail of troubling anomalies which threaten the very fabric of reality. Alone on the Cornish moors, Eve comes face to face with a fabled creature set loose from the depths of the past, while in Cold War Britain, the emergence of a long dead virus presages events which leave Eve and Ravenna fighting for their lives in a valley renowned for miracles – their incredible secret hanging in the balance.

Drawing together four of Dr Eve Wells’ most notable adventures – plus a preview of the forthcoming novel Dinosaur Girl - this single volume provides an exciting window into Ian Roberts’ eclectic time travelling world.

Currently 2 hard copies available for review, plus PdF available! Or visit my novellas at:


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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Hi, Ian.

I thought your snippet posted in the “work to be critiqued” was interesting. I’m in the u.s. if there’s an electronic version of your book, I’d be happy to read a bit more and see if I want to continue.
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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
« Reply #392 on: December 31, 2018, 05:20:10 AM »
Hey all!

Name: Alda Yuan
Website URL:
Novel Title: Quests and Quandaries (Floating Isles #1)
Genre: Satirical Fantasy
Length: 90,000 words, 280 pages
Format: paperback, ebook

Back Cover Blurb:
The Floating Isles were created millions of years ago when a beetle the size of a continent churned up mud from the seabed for a perch. And things have only gotten weirder since.

Rahni Gazi is the princess of a small inconsequential nation called Savay. She spends her days defying convention, exasperating her parents and torturing visiting heads of state. On the day of her seventeenth birthday though, everything changes. One minute she’s sitting at her birthday feast, bored to death.  The next she’s running from a questing fairy. Despite everything she does to avoid it, she’s cursed, by her own parents no less, to go on a quest.

With the proverbial band of sidekicks at her side, Rahni leaves the familiar comforts of home for the mysterious Eigen States, a place where, of course, nothing is as it seems. Or else it wouldn't be much of a quest. Rahni is determined not to let the laws of the land dictate anything, least of all how seriously she has to take the whole matter. Her dearest wish is to get through the quest with as few near scrapes and mortal enemies as possible. If she has to go on a quest, she wants it to be bland, with no nonsense about holding the fate of the world in her hands. Naturally, nothing goes quite as she plans. But what else is new?

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: The ebook of this first book in the series are free on my website and I'm happy to send a free paperback to anyone willing to review, provided the postage fee isn't out of control. I live in the US.
Stipulations: Happy for you to post the review wherever you usually do. Would be sweet if you could post a review on amazon and goodreads but whatever floats your boat is fine by me. And of course feel free to pass an review copies I send!

Thanks all! New to this forum but I'll be looking through this thread, hoping to return the favor and discover some great books in the process :)

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
« Reply #393 on: January 05, 2019, 12:07:08 PM »
Name: Toby Frost
Website URL:
Novel Title: Up To The Throne
Genre: Fantasy (grimdark/noir)
Length: 120,000 words
Format: Kindle

Revenge is never simple...

Giulia Degarno returns to her homeland with one intention: to kill the man who scarred her and left her for dead. But Publius Severra is no longer a mere criminal, and has risen to become a powerful politician who could save Pagalia from anarchy. Now, as Severra stands poised to seize the throne, Giulia must choose between taking her revenge, and saving her home.

Up To The Throne is a dark fantasy novel set in a magically-enhanced Renaissance: a dangerous world of assassins, alchemists and flying machines. It is a world where artists and scholars cross paths with feuding nobles and clockwork monsters - and death is never far away.

First chapter:

I have written seven traditionally published novels, published by Black Library and Myrmidon Books, as well as articles for Fantasy Faction. Up To The Throne is my first self-published book.

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: Digital so as many as needed!

Stipulations: None - reviews can go anywhere. Thanks!

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
« Reply #394 on: January 11, 2019, 12:23:34 PM »

I'm a new fantasy author who just published my 2nd book in a series this past Christmas. I'm looking for people who can review my book so that I can get it listed on BookBarbarian. They require a certain amount of reviews before they will accept a book. If you could help me out I would be grateful and even more grateful if I can find a new fan of my work. I'm finishing up the final 3rd book in the Gorp the Goblin series at the moment and will have it published sometime later this year. Afterward, I have plenty of new series just itching to break out.

Name: Jon Ray
Website URL:
Novel Title: Gorp: Goblin Janitor
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 210p
Format: eBook / Paperback
Back Cover Blurb: Gorp the goblin is fleeing his lands in search of better employment. With only a cloth map to guide him, he sets out across the sea to secure work at Ye Olde Dungeon working for the sinister Dungeon Overlord Jamalin Spellslinger. Once there, along with a group of misfit monsters, Gorp is hired on as a janitor to clean up the messes left behind by the horde of fortune, glory, and treasure seeking adventurers. But all is not well within the dungeon as the Red Dragon has ideas and an agenda of his own.
How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: (Check for free paperback giveaways in my monthly newsletter)
Stipulations: Must buy own copy of eBook or Paperback. Looking to get reviews on either Goodreads or Amazon. You can join my Monthly Newsletter from my Website URL above and have a chance to win a free paperback of the book.
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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
« Reply #395 on: February 01, 2019, 09:10:05 PM »
Greetings to One and All,

While I am an internationally published (traditional/small press/boutique), award-winning, Amazon-bestselling author of eight historical fiction works, I've returned to my first genre love and BIRTH: Once, Upon a New Time--a medieval s&s will release on February 15. Here are the dets:

Name: Donna Russo Morin
Website URL:
Novel Title: BIRTH: Once, Upon a New Time Book 1
Genre: medieval high s&s
Length: 204 in ppbk format
Format: will release in ppbk, epub, and large print, I have epub, mobi, and pdf versions available for reviewers.
Back Cover Blurb:

New worlds don't appear. They are born from the labor of those who envision them.

Count Witon has grown weary of the constant war between the races. Together with his wife Belamay, and Persky - first of a rare Human / Elf breed - Witon plans to create a new society: a utopia for anyone who longs for peaceful coexistence.

They recruit pilgrims from every city and species; most to success, some to failure. Together, they set off to a small, yet promising island, found by chance in the middle of the churning ocean.

But the journey there is fraught with challenges, and none of them is as dire as the one they face once they reach their destination. Will they have the strength and determination to give Birth to this New Time?

Once, Upon A New Time is a medieval fantasy with a double-edged sword: one of blood, the other of lust.

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: 10
Stipulations: Reviewers ARE allowed to post on Fantasy-Fiction, their own personal sites, but I would be very grateful for Goodreads and Amazon reviews. They may pass the book on but only to those who would actually post reviews. Review copies are free.

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
« Reply #396 on: February 20, 2019, 06:44:37 PM »
We’re new to the indie-pub world and we’re eager for readers and reviews. If you’re interested, please let us know.

Name: Amanda K. King & Michael R. Swanson
Website URL:
Novel Title: Things They Buried   
Genre: Dark fantasy/science fantasy/grimdark action adventure
Length: 130,000 words
Format: Kindle ebook
Back Cover Blurb:
Under the dirty streets of Ismae’s greatest port city, an old nightmare waits for Sylandair and Aliara, one that is stealing Dockhaven’s children, one that only they can end.

When the pair escaped their owner and abuser years ago, they left him behind in a ball of blue flame, but as more children disappear near Dockhaven’s desalinization plant, they believe he may not be dead.  When they embark on an underground search for him with their less-than-reliable puka scout Schmalch, what they find is beyond any expectation.  It will lead them into a twisting world of inheritances, experimentation and memories they never wanted to exhume.

Things They Buried is the first full length novel of Ismae, a planet where bodies can be re-crafted at the genetic level while photography remains a luxury available only to the rich.  It is a world where science sometimes appears as magic and history as myth, where monsters make themselves and heroes are wholly unintentional.

This book contains adult themes and violence.

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: 5
Stipulations: Copies received as part of this offer are free. We are primarily focused on Amazon reviews, but we’d be happy to see them on Goodreads, Fantasy-Faction, or anyplace else.
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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
« Reply #397 on: February 21, 2019, 05:39:23 PM »
Hello! I'd love to offer my dark fantasy series The Sentinel Trilogy for review ;D Happy to provide review copies for all three, or just the first if you'd prefer to try that before committing to the others. I've popped details below but happy to provide more if needed. Thank you!

Name: Joshua Winning
Website URL:
Novel Title: Sentinel, Ruins, Splinter (The Sentinel Trilogy)
Genre: Dark fantasy
Length: Roughly 300pp each
Format: mobi, epub, PDF
Back Cover Blurb: They are the world's best-kept secret – an underground society whose eternal cause is to protect the world against the dark creatures and evil forces that inhabit the night.

Now Sentinels are being targeted, murdered and turned as the fury of an ancient evil is unleashed once more.

And when 15-year-old Nicholas Hallow's parents are killed in a suspicious train crash, the teenager is drawn into a desperate struggle against malevolent powers.

Sentinel is the first book in the Sentinel Trilogy – a world of unconventional heroes, monsters, murder and magic.
How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: As many as you want  8)
Stipulations: None!

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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
« Reply #398 on: March 13, 2019, 02:38:02 AM »
A fantasy novel written in the style of a historical work like Jean d'Ormesson's _Glory of the Empire_. The fantasy story revolves around a cleric and her associates at a remote outpost, while the sweeping history of magic covers a 1,000+ year "Arcane Age." Readers will have to have an appreciation (or toleration) of footnotes.

Name: Joseph H Wycoff
Website URL:
Novel Title: Arcane Cage
Genre: hybrid historical fantasy
Length: 318 pages
Format: ebook/paperback

Back Cover Blurb: An untested, urban cleric who is charged with the investigation of a missing merchant at a remote outpost on the border of a draconic wilderness. A half-elf ranger who senses a growing threat to the peaceful co-existence of the diverse communities in the region. A “half-grown” druid who can take the shape of ferocious beasts in battle or birds of prey to surveil the land. A mercenary rogue who plays both sides of an impending conflict for personal enrichment. A long-lived elf whose knowledge of magic and arcane cultures has been accumulated over centuries. A half-gnoll barbarian who becomes the champion of an ancient and free world. These are just a handful of the extraordinary characters found in this sweeping history of the decline and fall of the Provenance, the ancient “empire for liberty” that dominated the known world during the Arcane Age. Siddrah and her fascinating companions come alive in the stories captured by her official reports and personal notes regarding the investigation of the missing merchant. Suspicious events at the treacherous outpost soon force the cleric to go underground in order to complete her mission with the help of a small but powerful group of arcanists who conjure fantastic abilities. These late heroes of the Arcane Age discover dark secrets hidden since the earliest origins of world civilization.

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: Kindle ebook (10 copies) / paperback (5 copies) [outside US inquire first]

Stipulations: Reviews welcomed here and elsewhere. For the paperback, I request an Amazon or Goodreads review.