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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Back Cover Blurb:

From the dawn of man, the war between Demons and Angels has ravaged the land. Two thousand years of peace has lulled the people into a false sense of security. Malach is on a journey to find his place in the world and pick a side in the war that is quickly approaching, meeting unlikely allies along the way.

That sounds interesting. If it has minimal grimdark elements, I'll review this.

Just started on Paternus, this will happen after I finish that (couple of weeks max), if that's ok.
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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Genre: Fantasy
Length: ebook (92 pages) Paperback (108 pages)
Format:Paperback or Kindle
Back Cover Blurb: THE AGE OF MEN IS OVER
All that remains of the old world is Abarku, a human, residing amongst the elves who have returned to the lands they once called home long before men ruled. All welcome him graciously, except for one fierce hunter named Quith. Peace endures until an outsider arrives, bringing them death and uncertainty. Misfortune strikes and Quith’s beloved suffers a grave wound - with his only hope a mysterious magic from the ancient kingdom of Kror, long since erased from history. Quith reluctantly accepts Abarku’s knowledge about the kingdoms of old, as they must travel together and survive the journey through the magical woodlands, encountering sinister beasts and worse in order to save their friend before his last breath.
How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: Available on Amazon/Amazon Kindle
Stipulations: Any reviews either here or Amazon would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Want to Have Your Novel Reviewed?
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Name: Keith Blenman


Website URL: https://www.amazon.com/Girl-Drank-Poison-Vecris-Book-ebook/dp/B084KXB6YY/

Novel Title: The Girl Drank Poison

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 42,000 words (133 kindle normalized pages)

Format: Kindle, or pdf if you prefer

Back Cover Blurb:
A magic potion may spoil; its intended effects lost to time. The power of a potion, however, never fades. It contorts, deforms, and mutates, often leading to something monstrous. Thus tragedy befalls Zellin Percour, a young woman tricked into drinking an expired love potion. Now, transformed into an abomination, she’s rampaging her way toward the town of Sleeping Bear, hellbent on finding the man who deceived her.

Horace is enjoying his quiet life. He loves his wife, his children, and his shop in Sleeping Bear. He’s grateful that his violent past is buried deeper than the bodies left in his wake. But when a fool leads disaster to his door, he must revive his lethal talents or risk losing everything.

Griever wields a weapon of untold power. She’s also only two feet tall. This makes her both the deadliest and most easily overlooked bounty hunter in the world. She’s caught the scent of her hero, legendary pirate Lorenzo Blade, and is eager to discover if the man lives up to his myth. Her trail leads her to Sleeping Bear, where she’s about to discover all manner of hell lying beneath the surface.

How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: unlimited

Stipulations: No stipulations!

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Voice of War by Zack Argyle
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Hi all! My debut epic fantasy novel, Voice of War, was slated to come out April 12th. Because everyone is quarantined and stuck inside, I decided to release it nearly a month early. Now that it's out, I'd love for you to read it and let the world know what you think!

Name: Zack Argyle
Email: zack.argyle@gmail.com
Website URL: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084F96GFZ
Novel Title: Voice of War
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: 367 pages (print)
Format: Any ebook format
Stipulations: None

Chrys Valerian is a threadweaver, a high general, and soon-to-be father. But to the people of Alchea, he is the Apogee—the man who won the war.

When a stranger's prophecy foretells danger to Chrys' child, he must do everything in his power to protect his family—even if the most dangerous enemy is the voice in his own head.

To the west, a sheltered girl seeks to find her place in the world.

To the south, a young man's life changes after he dies.

Together, they will change the world—whether they intend to or not.

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