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Author Topic: Three Nights in Faral-Khazal (Short Story Anthology)  (Read 315 times)

Three Nights in Faral-Khazal (Short Story Anthology)
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What does a royal chef, an embalmer, and a career thief have in common? Three Nights in Faral-Khazal is a triptych of standalone (but interconnected) stories in the same high fantasy city.

| Finalist Baen Publishing Fantasy Adventure Award: https://www.baen.com/baenfantasyaward2018 |
| Honorable Mention Writers of the Future |

1. The Deadliest Dish
Chef Kaira fears she'll soon be feeding worms when she forgets an important dish for a diplomatic banquet.

2. Banquet of the Emblamer.
Tariki is an ambitious embalmer who will stop at nothing to contain the secret he's unleashed at a dinner party.

3. Ups and Downs
Emelith the Finder runs into an ex-partner on her heist to steal an heirloom from the Hanging Graveyard of Faral-Khazal.